The 16 Best Sports Writers of 2024

When it comes to sports there is no shortage of journalists, reporters, and writers. Americans love sports and for many being able to live in the world of sports media is a dream come true. Here at Today’s Business, we have been marketing services for sports merchandise brands, NFL agencies, professional athletes, and many other sports-related organizations for over a decade. Within our time we have met plenty of people in the space and below we’ve shared our list of some of the sports writers who we think do it better than anyone else. We’ve broken it down by local and sport-specific categories to make it easy for you to find the topic that best relates to you.

Best New York Sports Writers

Michael Vivalo, Editor and Writer for Elite Sports NY

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Known as “the Jimmy Fallon of Sports” and based in New York, Michael Vivalo has done it all: writing, producing, and hosting at Elite Sports NY, covering the current sports news in the New York area. With 10 years of experience in the industry and conversations with well-known NYC athletes and hosts like Derek Jeter, Saquon Barkley, and even Jimmy Fallon himself, his love for sports– and the New York Giants– keeps us wanting more. His features in Heavy, Elite Sports NY, and on The Zone Report are always entertaining and insightful, making New York sports that much greater.

To keep up with Michael Vivalo and his work, join his community on X (formerly known as Twitter), as well as his Instagram and TikTok accounts for more of his fun-filled and exciting sports takes and related ventures.

Jack Curry, New York Yankees Sports Analyst at the YES Network

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Winning an Emmy for being a part of the YES Yankees Coverage in 2011, Jack Curry has been a part of the New York Yankees reporting scene for over 30 years. Currently, Curry is a pre-and post-game analyst for the YES Network, reporting on predictions and outcomes of the game. Prior, his career in journalism began at The New York Times, originally working as the Yankees-centric reporter, then becoming the National Baseball Correspondent. As well as giving the latest Yankees news and opinions, he co-authored two New York Times bestsellers surrounding Yankees alums Derek Jeter and David Cone, respectively. His success and continuous dedication to the game make him one of our favorites in NY.

To keep up with Curry and his love for New York, follow him on X (formerly known as Twitter) as well as Instagram.

David Lennon, Baseball Columnist at Newsday

David Lennon is a Baseball Columnist at Newsday, highlighting and reporting on New York baseball coverage for the New York Mets and Yankees. With nearly 3,000 articles published across Newsday, The Tampa Bay Times, The Daily News, and Flipboard, Lennon provides intelligently crafted commentary and opinions, as well as updates regarding all news within the heart of New York’s baseball community. His columns keep every New Yorker to continue reading and wanting more, even if baseball is not your forte, thus landing him as one of the best.

To keep up with David Lennon and his work, follow him on X (formerly known as Twitter) for more of his sports commentary and insight.

Zach Braziller, General Assignments Sports Reporter for The New York Times

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Zach Braziller is currently a writer for The New York Times as a General Assignments Sports Reporter, primarily covering college sports as the St. John’s University beat writer. His coverage also includes staple New York teams such as the Knicks, Jets, Giants, Mets, and Yankees. Born in Brooklyn and still remaining in New York, he’s a lover of New York sports and the month of March for basketball season, his writing highlights NY college triumphs and hardship, as well as thought provoking discussions on the Mets’ longevity or the Knicks having a blockbuster trade, taking the conversations by storm. His work continually emphasizes his skillfulness and love for the game, putting him on our list of best New York sportswriters.

To keep up with Zach and his work, follow him on X (formerly known as Twitter) and Instagram.

Best Boston Sports Writers

Dan Shaughnessy, Sports Columnist and Associate Editor at The Boston Globe

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Shaughnessy initially began his career working part-time at The Boston Globe, eventually returning and becoming a writer full-time and working on the sports column since 1989. Covering all things sports in Boston, from the Red Sox to the Celtics, Shaughnessy’s writing is a staple for locals to hear more about their favorite teams, coming straight from a born and raised fan himself. With his love for Boston’s sports, provides honesty and consistent cleverness from publishings seen in The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, Esquire, and more. With 13 books written, two honorary doctorate degrees, and a winner of the BBWAA Career Excellence Award for his contributions to baseball writing, Shaughnessy has paved the way for Boston sports writing and keeps us wanting more of his takes.

To keep up with and learn more about Dan, follow him on X (formerly known as Twitter) and read his latest published book, Wish It Lasted Forever: Life with Larry Bird Celtics.

Mike Reiss, ESPN NFL Nation Reporter for the New England Patriots

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Since 1997, Mike Reiss has been the leading name in covering all things on the New England Patriots. Being a part of the ESPN family since 2009, Reiss is known for his ability to break new ground, where he first started his career writing for the Patriots’ official newspaper and helped launch, giving Bostonians a catered experience in sports. As a New England native himself, his connection for the team runs deep, giving fans a voice and keeping them updated with contracts, deals, releases, and more to the football team. With over 6,000 articles published across CNN, ABC News, The Wall Street Journal, The Bleacher Report, and more, his passion and creating an individualized experience makes him a favorite.

To keep up with and learn more about Mike, follow him on X (formerly known as Twitter) and on Instagram.

Jen McCaffrey, Red Sox Beat Writer at The Athletic


As a staff writer for The Athletic since 2018, McCaffrey is an asset to the Boston sports scene and keeps fans in-the-know about all things related to the Red Sox. Asking the big questions surrounding spring training and Opening Day, sharing her thoughts on the moves made by the Sox, and providing updates on Boston’s favorite baseball team, her work is an important component in keeping fans connected to America’s pastime. With many articles published across various outlets such as the Chicago Tribune and The Business Journals, McCaffrey continuously keeps fans excited and invested in the game.

To keep up with and learn more about Jen, follow her on X (formerly known as Twitter) and her Red Sox takes on The Athletic.

Best Football Writers

Debbie Emery, Assoc. Director of NFL Communities at SB Nation & Vox Media, LLC.

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Debbie Emery is a Los Angeles based journalist, currently working as an Associate Director of NFL Communities at SB Nation and Vox Media, LLC. With over 2,000 articles published across SB Nation, Business Insider, The Hollywood Reporter and more, covering various topics related to football news and reports, she is a well-known favorite at Today’s Business. Asking and answering football’s biggest questions, to diving into the Super Bowl, leads us to putting her on our list of best sports writers.

To keep up and learn more about Debbie, find her on X (formerly known as Twitter) and her blog to read more of her sports content and related work.

Nathan Cunningham, Head Writer for Fansided

Based in Utah, Nathan Cunningham is currently the Head Writer at Fansided, writing content from FOCO new releases to grabbing the latest sports apparel, lands him on our list of best writers. Over 1,000 articles written, Cunningham has an article geared towards all kinds of sports fans. Want to learn about the latest NCAA Nike collab or get your hands on new MLB merch? Look no further to his various work in Fansided, Blue Man Hoop, Hook ‘em Headlines, Saturday Blitz, and more.

To keep up and to learn more about Nathan, find him on X (formerly known as Twitter) and his articles over on Fansided.

Kilty Cleary, Head Writer at USA Today

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Kilty Cleary, a Los Angeles-based and Buffalo-raised Head Writer at USA Today, writes about all things happening within sports. Cleary’s content helps avid sports fans find their favorite products for their favorite team, making sure Sunday Night Football is on your must-watch list, and giving you the hot takes. From his many publishings across FanNation, Sports Illustrated, and more, put him on our list of being the best. Being a sports fan himself and representing Bills Mafia, his content showcases the love for sports and provides gifts fans will love.

To keep up and learn more about Kilty, follow him on Instagram and read more of his work on The Zone Report.

Best Baseball Writers

Jeff Passan, American Baseball Columnist for ESPN

Based in Kansas City, Jeff Passan is a well known name around the baseball community and has been a part of the ESPN Baseball team since 2019. Writing over 6,000 articles, Passan is an important piece to all things baseball and provides hot takes, keeping readers invested and creating productive dialogue. With a New York Times Best Seller and being named 2021 National Sportswriter of the Year, as well as the 2022 Dan Jenkins Medal of Excellence in Sportswriting, his work goes beyond excellence, making him one of our best baseball writers. From features in The New York Times, ABC News, Sports Illustrated, and his alma-mater newspaper, The Daily Orange, Jeff makes baseball exciting and worthwhile.

To keep up and learn more about Jeff, join his 1.1M followers on X (formerly known as Twitter) and follow him on Instagram.

Christina Kahrl, Sports Editor of the San Francisco Chronicle

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A co-founder, activist, and current Sports Editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, Christina Kahrl is a trailblazer in the writing space. Based in Chicago and having numerous articles published across ESPN, ABC News, Baseball Prospectus, and more, her perspectives and reportings as a woman in sports coverage are thought-provoking, insightful, and willing to ask the tough questions, making her one of our favorites and easily viewed as one of the best. Her many years of experience and work in the sports industry has put her in the Baseball Writers’ Association of America and has also been inducted into the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame, showcasing her success and highlighting her meaningful purpose within baseball and the sports realm.

To keep up and learn more about Christina, follow her on X (formerly known as Twitter) and her co-founded business, Baseball Prospectus.

Ken Rosenthal, Senior Baseball Writer for The Athletic


An Emmy award winning broadcaster and contributor to FOX Sports’ MLB broadcasts and Senior Baseball Writer for The Athletic, Ken Rosenthal leads the game in MLB reporting. Born and based in New York, and with over 3,000 articles published, Rosenthal knows the ins and outs of baseball, providing commentary in and on various media platforms, he has made himself a household name. If you are a baseball fan, his sportswriting tackles the hard hitting questions within the MLB and provides breakdowns of current events in the space, giving fans a chance to stay updated and connected with the game.

To keep up with and learn more about Ken, follow him on X (formerly known as Twitter) and join his 1.4M baseball community, and catch him commentating on FOX Sports during the MLB season.

Best Basketball Writers

Michael Wright, Senior Writer NBA Digital at Turner Broadcasting

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Based in California and proud Texan, Wright is a Senior Writer for NBA Digital at Turner Broadcasting. Wright has covered various basketball teams: Spurs, Lakers, Bucks– You name it, Wright has written it. With various publishings in ESPN, ABC News, the Bleacher Report, and more, his pieces capture stand out moments, trades and what to know in terms of the game. His writing captures the highs and lows of fans’ favorite NBA teams and shares the love of the game, making him one of our top choices.

To keep up with and learn more about Michael, follow him on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Zach Harper, Staff Writer for The Athletic

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Based in Los Angeles, California and currently a staff writer for The Athletic covering the NBA, Harper has been reporting and sharing basketball news since 2009. From hot takes to predictions, and his opinions as a radio host gives various aspects of Harper’s personality, skill, and humor when it comes to his knowledge and perspective on basketball. With over 5,000 articles published across CBS Sports, ESPN, Fansided, and more, his writing is a must-read for basketball fans. From player dominance to rookie standouts, Harper covers it all.

To keep up with and learn more about Zach, follow him on X (formerly known as Twitter) and listen to his podcast on SiriusXM and Mad Dog Sports Radio.

Ricky O’Donnell, Basketball Editor at SB Nation

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Basketball Editor at SB Nation and co-host of Cash Considerations: A Chicago Bulls Pod, O’Donnell’s focus is on both NBA and NCAA basketball leagues, keeping fans up-to-date on their favorite professional and collegiate teams. From hot takes on the Chicago Bulls, Duke Blue Devils, to highlighting the upcoming and rising success of Caitlin Clark, there is much opportunity to stay informed and learn more about the state of basketball through O’Donnell. With nearly 5,000 articles published, O’Donnell helps shed light on various teams and gives insight to their best and worst moments, providing basketball fans a look into what teams are engaging in triumph and which need some help, thus making him one of our best basketball writers for this list. 

To keep up with and learn more about Ricky, follow him on X (formerly known as Twitter) and listen to his podcast Cash Considerations: A Chicago Bulls Pod wherever you get your podcasts.

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