The 25 Best Denver Influencers

Renowned for its crisp mountain air, Denver boasts a thriving arts scene, world-class museums, and endless culinary delights. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast looking to hit the ski slopes in the nearby Rockies, or a culture connoisseur exploring the city’s diverse neighborhoods and vibrant lifestyle, The Mile High City has something to inspire all who visit. Let these leading influencers be your guide to discovering the hidden gems and must-see attractions that make Denver a destination like no other!

Today’s Business has been delivering top-notch influencer marketing solutions to clients of all shapes and sizes for over a decade. As a full-service agency, we offer a wide array of specialized services, including influencer marketing in the fashion, food, and health/wellness industries. Leveraging our expertise in this field, we’ve curated a selection of Denver’s top 25 influencers. Explore our list below!

Best Food Influencers in Denver

Yesenia Chinchilla (@denverfoodscene)

@denverfoodscene Instagram feed image

Food enthusiast Yesenia serves as your ultimate guide to dining in the Mile High City, offering her 590K followers a curated selection of must-try dishes and dining experiences. Whether you’re craving comfort food classics or seeking out the latest culinary trends, she has you covered with her expert recommendations and insider tips.

Bailey Chefsquire (@coloradochefsquire)

@coloradochefsquire Instagram feed image

From gourmet restaurants to craft cocktail spots, follow Bailey on Instagram and let her lead you on a flavor-packed adventure across Colorado!

Khalil and Raina (@kravingdenver)

@kravingdenver Instagram feed image

Born, raised, and living in Denver, Khalil & Raina give their followers an insider’s perspective on the city’s dining scene, sharing their favorite date night spots and must-try eateries. With a keen eye for culinary excellence, they spotlight the city’s diverse flavors and dining hotspots, ensuring every craving is satisfied!

Nick (@milehighfooddude)

@milehighfooddude Instagram feed image

Join the culinary journey of Mile High Food Dude, an adventurous food enthusiast exploring Denver’s gastronomic wonders one bite at a time. He provides thoughtful reviews to help steer you toward your next unforgettable meal. Follow along for flavorful discoveries and dining ideas!

Bridger (@just.treat.yo.self)

@just.treat.yo.self Instagram feed image

Bridger leads his followers through Denver’s culinary landscape and various leisurely pursuits. From delectable culinary discoveries to rejuvenating activities, his feed serves as your guide to uncovering the flavors and experiences that make Denver truly extraordinary.

Best Family Influencers in Denver

Michung (@wu.nder_days)

@wu.nder_days Instagram feed image

Dive into the dynamic world of soccer mom life with Michung as she balances the exhilaration of game days with the joys of family life in Denver. Whether you’re seeking urban adventures or outdoor escapades, her Instagram offers a glimpse into the diverse experiences that await in this vibrant and family-friendly city!

Danielle Grant (@thewxwoman)

@thewxwoman Instagram feed image

Step into the behind-the-scenes world of Denver’s beloved meteorologist, Danielle Grant! Documenting candid family, friends, and motherhood moments with for 21K followers, she showcases the genuine warmth and connection she shares with her family and community. 

DeAnn & Alyssa Williams (@dna_williams)

@dna_williams Instagram feed image

Follow DeAnn and Alyssa on Instagram as they share the ups and downs, laughter and tears, and the overwhelming love that comes with expecting another baby!

Danielle Greco ( Instagram feed image

Blogger, mom, and storyteller extraordinaire! Danielle Greco has a deep passion for sharing her motherhood journey, providing invaluable insights into parenting, lifestyle, and more, captivating her 10.3K followers with every post. 

Erica Jennings (@ericatjennings)

@ericatjennings Instagram feed image

Explore the world through the lens of Erica Jennings, a dedicated Denver mom with a love for travel and family. Check out her page to see everything from heartwarming family outings to captivating travel experiences within and beyond Colorado. 

Best Fashion Influencers in Denver

Brianna Swint (@briknopf)

@briknopf Instagram feed image

Seeking fashion inspiration with a touch of sophistication? Brianna Swint, a Denver fashion creator, is your girl. With her aesthetic feed showcasing chic and fashionable everyday wear, she inspires her 87.4K followers to embrace simplicity without sacrificing style! 

Vanessa Symone (@vanessa.symone)

@vanessa.symone Instagram feed image

Immerse yourself in a realm of refined fashion and exquisite taste with Vanessa Symone’s Instagram. Through her curated collection of stylish ensembles and fashion-forward looks, she gives her followers endless inspiration for elevated dressing. 

Veronica (@thedenveritgirl)

@thedenveritgirl Instagram feed image

Veronica, known as The Denver It Girl, is taking Instagram by storm with her luxurious style and elegant lifestyle content. Visit her page for local hidden gems and her stunning OOTD’s!

Lily Rose (@withlovelilyrose)

@withlovelilyrose Instagram feed image

Enter the world of feminine refinement with Lily Rose! A Denver-based style blogger who curates elegant ensembles that inspire the romantics at heart. With a wardrobe filled with feminine pieces and a hint of Southern flair, Lily Rose’s 93K followers are transported to a realm of timeless sophistication and coastal charm.

Luke Gottlieb (@victorofvalencia)

@victorofvalencia Instagram feed image

Explore the world of high fashion through the lens of Luke Gottlieb, Denver-based photographer. With his discerning eye and worldwide travels, he captures the essence of elegance and style in every frame. For a glimpse into his personal life, visit his personal page @victorofgalapago

Best Wellness Influencers in Denver

Juli Bauer Roth (@paleomg)

@paleomg Instagram feed image

Embark on a journey to a healthier, happier you with Juli Bauer Roth. Known for her meal ideas, fitness routines, and lifestyle tips, she empowers her 375K followers to embrace a nourishing lifestyle that fuels both body and soul!

Tara Crosley (@tcrosleyfit)

@tcrosleyfit Instagram feed image

Get ready to join Tara’s supportive community of fitness enthusiasts! As a dedicated trainer and health coach in Denver, she motivates her followers to achieve their fitness goals one workout at a time. 

Katie (@kbfitusa)

@kbfitusa Instagram feed image

Get ready to level up your fitness game with Katie, a 4th-degree black belt, on her Instagram! Explore the dynamic world of kettlebell training and functional fitness through Katie’s expert guidance and workouts. Join her community and elevate your strength and endurance! 

Kait Welch (@modhippiehabits)

@modhippiehabits Instagram feed image

From the vibrant city of Denver, Kait shares insights into holistic health, gardening tips, and eco-friendly adventures. Her colorful feed inspires her 234K followers to join her in living a mindful and sustainable lifestyle!

Pam Campbell (@pam_campbell_coach)

@pam_campbell_coach Instagram feed image

Looking for fitness motivation and inspiration? Look no further than Denver fitness coach, Pam Campbell. Using empowering messages, coaching strategies, and meal strategies, she’s guaranteed to help improve your daily mindset! Unleash your full potential now!

Best Blogger Influencers in Denver

Amanda Bittner (@theamandabittner)

@theamandabittner Instagram feed image

Based in Denver, Bittner’s feed serves as a visual narrative of exploration and adventure. Stay updated on the latest discoveries and insider tips by subscribing to her newsletter for weekly recommendations on local activities!

Rayna King (@raynakingdenver)

@raynakingdenver Instagram feed image

Experience Denver like a local with Rayna’s Instagram as your guide! From the eclectic dining scene to picturesque parks, and vibrant cultural events, Rayna shares her favorite spots and activities around the city. Join her 35K followers to explore Denver through her lens.

Chloe (@workfromdenver

@workfromdenver Instagram feed image

Curious about the work from home life in Denver for a woman in tech? Follow along with Chloe as she finds the best coffee shops for remote work, gives insights into the Denver lifestyle, and navigates the virtual workspace! 


@1000thingstodoindenver Instagram feed image

Voted the city’s top Instagram, @1000thingstodoindenver uncovers Denver’s best! Their visually captivating feed focuses on food, drink, fashion, fitness, music, art, and outdoor pursuits. Follow along for endless ideas for unforgettable experiences in the Mile High City!


@denverwestworld Instagram feed image

Keep up with Denver’s beat through @denverwestword, your go-to for daily online updates and weekly print editions, always at no cost! Dive into their content for breaking news, captivating features, and comprehensive arts and culture coverage. Join us in exploring Denver’s diverse and dynamic scene!

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