Using Influencer Marketing to Boost In Store Sales of 4 Items by 350%

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“The goal of this campaign was to create product awareness and drive sales for our British cheese brands at Publix locations. Through this influencer marketing campaign, Today’s Business helped us do just that. We saw in-store sales volume increase by 350% for each of the 4 items that the influencers were promoting. Not only did we increase our sales but we also enhanced our relationship with Publix by showing them that our tactics work. Overall, we feel this campaign was a huge success!”

Marissa DeMaio | Vice President of Marketing at Atalanta

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Choosing the theme of this campaign, British Invasion, came down to tapping into nostalgia of Publix’s main consumer base in order to draw as many eyes to the cheeses as possible. With the demographic of Publix shoppers skewing older, tapping into a retro theme that tied a throughline between the musical British Invasion and our campaign allowed us to tap into the goodwill provided by the era. An added bonus was that millennial audiences love vintage items, meaning we were able to reach into two different demographics with simple branding. Drawing comparisons between that and the cheeses was an easy sell and led to some entertaining Reels set to music from the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and The Who.


Belton Farm

The Beckett family have been creating award winning cheeses in Shropshire, England since 1922.Their cheeses are crafted by expert cheesemakers and are then carefully selected by experienced graders. They had 2 separate cheeses spotlighted: Red Fox and Double Gloucester with Onion and Chive.


These cheese curators pay homage to the year when the last great king of Scotland, Macbeth, died defending his throne. They are proud of their history, and their cheese connects all aspects of their history together to create a delicious Extra Mature Scottish Cheddar that is matured for 12 months.


Hailing from North Wales, Snowdonia’s name comes from the beautiful Snowdonia National Park located in the green countryside. Their award-winning cheeses are expertly crafted and use fresh, natural ingredients in order to create a great depth of flavor. Their Rock Star Cave Aged Cheddar is perfectly named, as it is matured in the slate caverns of the National Park.

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  • Increase awareness
    Increase awareness of products within Publix locations in Virginia, Tampa, and Miami.
  • Sales
    Increasing sales to prove to Publix that Snowdonia, Belton Farm, and 1057 Scotland can be consistent rotational pieces in their cheese catalog.

The Challenge

Minimal brand awareness

Products are not typically found in the United States

Very tight budget

Had to find ways to maximize our reach

Regional campaign

Had to focus on influencers who had an audience that lived near Publix

The Strategy

In order to achieve these goals, Today’s Business took the following steps to maximize the success of this campaign:

  • Onboarding
    Conducted a thorough onboarding to understand the brands, products, and audiences.
  • Campaign Strategy
    Developed a fun and engaging campaign strategy with custom-curated messaging designed to maximize the number of influencers willing to participate in the campaign in exchange for a custom influencer kit. This kit was filled with recipes
  • Influencers
    Created and contacted a list of over 300 amount of influencers who lived or had an audience within the targeted regions
  • Audience & Analytics
    Reviewed influencer rates and audience analytics to contract a handful of influencers who were most likely to yield the highest Cost Per Engagement (CPE).
  • Communicate
    Stayed in constant communication with influencers to ensure they had everything they needed to create engaging and unique recipe and in-store content.



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