Butcher Box Big Game Bundle Influencer Marketing Campaign

Client Overview

Butcher Box is a direct to consumer subscription service that delivers extremely high-quality meats directly to your doorstep. Butcher Box invests heavily across almost all marketing and advertising channels. They particularly have strong investments in the affiliate, influencer, and podcasting channels working with major players like Joe Rogan, Morning Brew & Colin Cowherd. Butcher Box engaged with Today’s Business in the latter half of 2020 to help them explore new affiliate content partnerships.

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The “Crux”

The Butcher Box team has most of their promotions for the year prepared well in advance. For their Super Bowl promotion they came up with the “Big Game Bundle” promotion which included free ribs, pulled pork, and bacon for all new Butcher Box customers. This promo was designed to be the perfect solution for a delicious and convenient Super Bowl Sunday meal.

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However, leading up to the Super Bowl, the Butcher Box team needed a way to create more buzz around their “Big Game Bundle” promotion and wanted to tap into new audiences. With the game approaching quickly, Butcher Box needed a team that could find new influencers and get them activated quickly. Knowing that Today’s Business is both very agile and incredibly well connected in the influencer marketing space, particularly with NFL athletes, Butcher Box knew that the Today’s Business team would be the perfect solution.

The Strategy

Once the contract was executed between Butcher Box and Today’s Business for this campaign, the TB team moved very fast creating campaign briefs and recruiting influencers. The main strategy for this campaign was to find influencers within our direct network who create outstanding content, have an engaged audience that aligns with the Butcher Box target market, and who could move quickly. Because Today’s Business is experienced with these types of campaigns we were able to quickly find and contract the influencers who we knew would be a good fit for this campaign.

The Results

In total, Today’s Business sourced over 50 influencers to promote this campaign generating over 125 Instagram posts & story segments plus a podcast feature. The total reach of the campaign was around 2.25 million. Better yet, this was all turned around in under 2 weeks and included top tier athletes (i.e Ian Happ & Chris Hogan), celebrities (i.e Carissa Culiner & Victoria Arlen), micro influencers (Elise Tate, John Shackleton), and even video producers.

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125+ Instagram posts & stories

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50+ Influencers

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2.25 million reach

Takeaways from the Team:

I’m very proud of how quickly we were able to execute this campaign. These campaigns often take months of planning but by putting in nights and weekends we were able to source, negotiate, and negotiate with over 50 influencer partners. Hats off to the Butcher Box team as well for putting in late night product orders to get boxes out to influencers in time to promote the campaign prior to the Super Bowl.

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“We look at influencer marketing as another touchpoint in the customer journey. We feel that the goal with influencer marketing is to get new audiences into the customer journey and to help build trust with the brand /product for those who are already familiar with the products. We saw so many positive comments on our influencer posts with this campaign from people who already love Butcher Box which is a great thing to see as it helps further establish that brand trust for new audiences who are seeing the post. We saw even more people reaching out to the influencers directly and because our influencers were all true fans of the product they all left raving reviews and recommended purchasing.

Joe Sanfilippo

Influencer Campaign Manager

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Overall, everyone was extremely pleased with the results of this campaign. When it comes to getting things done quickly and building relationships with influencers for brands, the Today’s Business team is the best in the game. If you’re looking to amplify your influencer marketing efforts reach out to us today and tell us about what you might be looking for help with!

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