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Keto Science is one of the premier keto supplement brands on the market. They offer 9 incredible products designed to help individuals maintain nutritional ketosis, and have recently inked a deal with Walmart to carry a handful of these items, namely the meal shakes. The shakes are very convenient for people who are following a keto diet and need a quick meal. The meal shakes taste great and can be used in a variety of different ways. 

In order to help move these Keto Meal Shakes off the Walmart shelves and grow their relationship with Walmart, the Keto Science team turned to Today’s Business to craft an influencer marketing strategy to achieve the following goals.

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The Goals

  • Product Awareness at Walmart
  • Create as much influencer content at Walmart store locations within the provided budget.
  • Generate high volumes of both impressions and engagements around this content.
  • Create In-Store Sales
  • Create in-store sales of the meal shake product to secure more shelf placement from Walmart

The Challenge

Keto Science faced the following challenges:

  • Minimal Brand Awareness – Keto Science had invested practically nothing into advertising their products, so most people are unaware of the product benefits or even that the product exists at all.
  • Niche Community – The keto community online is very niche with limited amounts of influencers in the space. This means that the top Keto influencers are in high demand and either have exclusive contracts with competing brands or charge very high rates for promotion.
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The Strategy

In order to achieve these goals, Today’s Business utilized the following tactics:

  • Strategic Influencer Recruitment
    Today’s Business reached out to 357 influencers in an effort to create a relationship between them and Keto Science. Our primary focus was on influencers who promoted a ketogenic or low carb diet. To maximize our budget, we first recruited influencers who would promote Keto Science Meal Shakes in exchange for free product. We then used their content to create campaign briefs that were used to display good examples of content to strengthen the quality of content when recruiting new influencers. We then compiled a rate sheet for larger influencers who charged a flat fee and used our industry knowledge to contract the influencers who we believe would yield the best results. We then went back and re-contracted those who were getting the best cost per engagement and were generating the most positive sentiment overall in their comments.
  • Social Media Advertising
    Once we had quality influencer content created we then used this content to create ad campaigns to expand upon the limited reach that organic posting can provide. We used the content to create targeted Facebook Ads that highlighted the numerous benefits of the Keto Science Meal Shakes and demonstrated how quick and easy it is to consume.


Maintaining a ketogenic diet can be difficult but I found a #KetoHack! @myketoscience Meal Shakes make maintaining a keto diet so much EASIER! When you’re on the run or short for time these are PERFECT! Keto Science Meal Shakes provide the Functional Fats I need (such as MCT Oil) and have only 2g Net Carbs, 0 added Sugars, 8g Protein, plus 25 Vitamins and Minerals to support my Keto diet. Also, it is so convenient that they are at Walmart! I don’t have to make any special trips as I already shop there. #KetoHacks #WalMartKetoFinds #WalMartKetoHacks #KetoSciencePartner

Paid Post Examples:

Organic Ad Examples:

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The Results

KPIs (Projected vs. Actual)

Group 1340
Group 1341
Group 1342

Other KPIs


Total Media Posted




Follower Growth


Total Reach (Ads)




Est. Ad Recall


Link Clicks


Average CPC




  • Diet audience received more spend from Facebook and generated 33% more link clicks and 30% more impressions than Fitness Audience
    Cost per link click for both audiences wass $0.10
  • $0.29 average CPC > 71% lower than industry average
  • 2.23% CTR > 40% higher than industry average

Top Performing Ads


Brand Awareness

Link Clicks

Consumer Sentiment

Purchase Intent

Purchase Intent

Social Proof

Social Proof

Audience Engagement

Audience Engagement

Takeaways from the Team:

“Developing the relationship between Keto Science and Walmart meant developing the relationship between Keto Science and the keto community. Working to increase its brand within the niche but tightknit community was valuable.”

Jade Rice


Overall, the campaign was quite successful. We developed a targeted strategy geared towards creating content in Walmart. Working with all types of influencers allowed us to reach many corners of the Keto community, and we got a lot of positive feedback from the influencers who loved the product and wanted to continue to create more recipes for their audiences.

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