#ChompsPepperoniTurkeyChallenge Influencer Marketing Case Study

Client Overview

CHOMPS is one of the leading providers of meat snacks in the United States. What makes their products unique is not only are they delicious, but the proteins they use are sustainably sourced and are free of added sugars, artificial ingredients, and other fillers. They sell these healthy meat snacks directly to consumers through a number of e-commerce channels but are also big players in traditional retail. CHOMPS are among the top selling products at Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s.

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The “Crux”:

Prior to this campaign, CHOMPS meat sticks were available in 7 different delicious flavors. While CHOMPS products are a great standalone snack, the team noticed that a lot of their consumers utilized the CHOMPS meat sticks to replace low-quality meats in a variety of different recipes. As innovators in the industry, the CHOMPS team saw a need to launch a new flavor – Pepperoni Turkey.

With the launch of this new flavor approaching, the CHOMPS team turned to Today’s Business to do what we do best – influencer marketing campaign management. The primary objectives for this campaign were as follows:

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Partner with pizzerias and pizza influencers throughout the country to create product awareness in the pizza community

Group 523

Partner with other food influencers who can show unique ways to utilize the new flavor

Group 524

Generate content that the CHOMPS team can repurpose to market to the brand’s existing audience

Our Approach:

In an effort to create the most bang for our buck, the Today’s Business team formulated the #ChompsPepperoniTurkeyChallenge.


How Did The Challenge Work?

The Today’s Business influencer marketing team identified a massive list of pizza & food influencers and contacted just over 150 of them to ask them to participate in the challenge. Influencers were offered a free Chomps pizza kit in exchange for participating in the challenge. Participation in the challenge simply required influencers to create their own unique recipe using the new CHOMPS Pepperoni Turkey flavor, capture the creation process in an IG reels video and then tag 2 other influencers or friends challenging them to see if they could create a better recipe.

Why This Approach?

We took this approach because it aligned with our objectives and allowed us to maximize the number of influencers we partnered with and the amount of content that was created. By having influencers challenge their peers it allowed us to reach out to the people who were challenged in an organic way offering them free products in order to participate in the challenge. This helped us maximize the limited budget that was available. We also strategically requested Instagram Reels videos as we know that Instagram’s algorithm favors reels content therefore allowing us to maximize reach.

The Results


Profiles Posted


Stories Posted



3.3 Million

Potential Reach










“I definitely thought this campaign was a big success! It was so exciting being able to work with some of the most famous local pizzerias such as Pequods in Chicago & Calabria’s in New Jersey while at the same time working with some of the largest food influencers in the industry! I had gotten a lot of feedback from friends and family telling me that they had seen this challenge show up in their explore section of IG.”

Joe Sanfilippo | Manager, Growth & Partnerships

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