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Service-based businesses, such as plastic surgery facilities, have a responsibility to provide exceptional care to their patients on a daily basis. In order to stay competitive in the market, plastic surgeons must find effective ways to retain current patients as well as to attract new ones. 

In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, medical companies are presented with a unique challenge to continue serving patients outside of the office. More than ever, online presence plays an important role in how patients choose their surgeon, and that’s where plastic surgery digital marketing comes in.

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Our Experience and Priorities Marketing for Plastic Surgery

At Today’s Business, our experience working with plastic surgeons has led us to prioritize certain factors in order to maximize overall performance.


Worked with both small practices and those with international experience


Extensive knowledge of security and compliance requirements, including HIPAA


Implemented virtual Telehealth scheduling and consultation functionality into the pre-existing website


Have doubled new users in one quarter through highly-targeted campaigns

Plastic Surgery Marketing Priorities

User Experience

We strive to provide patients with seamless navigation, so they can have convenient access to various doctors, locations, and all other relevant information to their conditions and potential course of treatment. From before-and-after galleries and patient testimonials to requesting a consultation, we streamline the process for the ultimate user experience.

Multi-Channel Lead Generation

Plastic surgeons treat patients across a broad demographic range, from young adults to seniors. Using multiple channels maximizes lead generation for your brand but ensuring that you are visible where you demographic spends time online, while also creating a unified brand message across the internet.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a critical way for plastic surgery practices to draw in new clients who are looking for your specific services. We can enhance your visibility in organic search results by using Google My Business (GMB) and several other tactics to drive traffic to your website.

Security and Compliance

Plastic surgery practices share and store digital patient photographs daily, which presents a number of risks. Data theft and HIPAA violations have amplified due to the rapid development of technology in recent years. Our knowledge of these technologies can help to ensure compliance and mitigate data breaches.

Scalable Solutions

You may consider relocating or expanding your network in the future, which requires a certain level of flexibility and adaptation. If you acquire several new doctors or locations in a given month, we will work behind the scenes to optimize your presence both onsite and offsite. If you have plans to expand at the start of your relationship with our team, we’ll adjust our approach to ensure even greater scalability on your website. Efficient, reliable workflows are key, which is why we’ll tailor our approach to ensure greater productivity and improve quality assurance.

Branding and Branded Creative

Building a strong brand for your practice is essential to stand out among competitors in your industry. Our creative team will ensure that your personality is communicated effectively to clients, through carefully designed campaigns.

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