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Although you might not think that contractors and digital marketing go together, working with a digital marketing agency to bring your company to the next level has immense benefits. While you are completing jobs, potential customers are searching the internet for contractors and home improvement companies in their area. The best way to make sure they find you is to have a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. At Today’s Business, we work with companies to help them reach their customers and rise above their competition through personalized, customer-centric digital marketing services.

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Our Experience and Marketing Priorities for Construction Companies

Working with companies in a wide range of industries has allowed our team at Today’s Business to gain a clear understanding of what works best for each type of business, including contractors. While you focus on getting your contractor jobs done safely and effectively, your online presence should be functioning to reach potential customers and gain their trust before they even pick up the phone and give you a call.


We’ve worked with companies that provide all types of contractor jobs, including residential, commercial, interior, and structural.


Created entirely new websites for contractors, focusing on visual appeal, user experience, and marketing impact.


Gained valuable backlinks through relevant outreach, guest post research, and more.

Contractor Digital Marketing Priorities

Responsive Website Design

One of the best ways to establish trust with potential clients is to have a website that is clean and easy to use while containing information about your services and certifications. Our website development experts will help you achieve a website that reflects your brand image and your areas of expertise.

Focus on Non-Branded Search Results

Ranking for service + location keywords is crucial to reaching home and business owners seeking a contractor to help them with an upcoming project. We target the keywords that make the most sense for your business so you can reach your ideal audience.

Conversion of Leads to Customers

Once users reach your website, the next step is getting them to fill out a form, make a phone call, or take whatever step is necessary to lead to your company tackling their contractor jobs. We work to seamlessly optimize the user’s journey on your site to increase conversions.

Local SEO Impact

Contractors can be strongly reliant on local search traffic and visibility, as potential customers are looking for companies in their specific area. We’ll help establish your company’s place in local search results, including managing and optimizing your presence on Google Business Profile.

Consistent Brand Imaging

Whether you are focusing on your website, your presence in local search directories, or your social media persona, your brand imaging should be consistent across all channels. This makes your company’s message even more powerful and aids in attracting new customers from various corners of the web.

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Choosing to work with a digital marketing agency means trusting that agency to deliver positive results and boost your business. When it comes to the success and growth of our clients, don’t just take our word for it! Check out our case studies for proof of our dedication and commitment to securing positive results for our clients year after year.

About Today’s Business

At Today’s Business, we constantly stay ahead of the game when it comes to the latest updates and developments in the world of digital marketing. This benefits every business we work with because they can trust that our team of digital marketing experts is working to bring them the best possible results, no matter what areas of digital marketing they invest in. We will make sure that your digital marketing strategy is cohesive and takes all of the unique details of your business and target audience into account. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help bring your demolition business to the next level.