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For law firms, reaching potential clients is key to success and growth. Choosing a law firm often involves a fair amount of research, which is why digital marketing and a positive online presence are crucial for law firms of all kinds. From your website to your digital ads and social media presence, digital marketing strategies for law firms should be thorough and personalized so you can reach your target audience and gain their trust before the first consultation. At Today’s Business, we help law firms explore new marketing strategies and expand their digital footprint.

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Our Experience and Priorities Marketing for Law Firms

We will focus on the specialties of your law firm to ensure that your digital marketing strategy properly reflects the crucial and valuable services you provide to your clients. No matter your focus or area of expertise, we will ensure that the strategies and campaigns we put in place are tailored to you and the type of clients you serve.


We’ve worked with top law firms to improve their websites – crafting SEO-friendly content to cover all services provided.


Focused on what makes law firms and lawyers unique, including their experience, organization memberships, and more.


Conducted backlink outreach campaigns to news sites, law directories, and more.

Law Firm Marketing Priorities

When crafting a digital marketing strategy, we take the unique intricacies of each client and business we work with into account, the same way that law firms do when working with their own clients. Learn more about our priorities when working with law firms to boost their reach and digital impact.

Accurate and SEO-Friendly Website Content

When doing online research for lawyers in their area, potential clients will consider your website as part of their decision-making process. Your site should properly reflect your services and areas of expertise, convey your experience and qualifications, and give users a clear way to reach you.

Local SEO Dominance

Local search impact is key for law firms. We’ll focus on local search strategies and keywords so you can reach those in your area, while also helping you dominate local search results by optimizing and managing your Google My Business listing.

Social Media Engagement

Social media gives law firms a place to connect with all types of people, including potential clients. We will optimize your social strategies to help you build trust and credibility while showing your audience that you are accessible and personable.

Boost Visibility via Blogs

Blogging is an excellent way to provide resources, updates, and more to your audience while improving rankings for non-branded search queries related to the services you provide. We’ll help you build your online credibility and engage your site visitors with up-to-date, relevant blog content that highlights what makes your law firm unique.

Conversion of Leads to Clients

Getting users on your website is great, but we want them to take the next step and reach out to your firm for legal assistance. We’ll work to optimize the user’s journey on your site to increase conversions by ensuring that every step of their journey through your site is considered.

Comprehensive Email Marketing

Email marketing can provide major results for law firms of all kinds. Whether you’re reaching out to potential clients to provide a resource or encouraging them to schedule a consultation, this tactic helps you connect with your audience in a whole new way.

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Just as your clients trust you to defend them at every step of the legal process, we want you to be able to trust us to deliver top quality digital marketing services. Check out our case studies for proof of the success and growth that our clients have seen while working with Today’s Business.

About Today’s Business

At Today’s Business, we’ve evolved from a social media and athlete networking agency into a full-service digital marketing agency serving clients across all types of industries. Our team of digital marketing professionals works together to learn the ins and outs of each business we work with, so we can provide personalized services that keep your business goals in mind. No matter what areas of digital marketing you invest in, you’ll be getting expertise you can trust with Today’s Business. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can elevate your law firm’s online presence.