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At Today’s Business, we have years of experience developing innovative digital marketing strategies for healthcare practitioners and practices across the country. This has never been more important than now, especially in a post-pandemic reality. We optimize your online presence and help you beat out the competition with alternative solutions to help drive new patients to your business. Learn more about our digital marketing services and how we can help your practice! 

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Healthcare Marketing Priorities

User Experience

User experience is one of the most important elements of a website. We make sure that your audience has an easy navigation experience to make an appointment and find their doctor or closest office location.

Multi-Channel Lead Generation

Multi-channel lead generation is the future. We help you implement clear metrics for success to drive engagement and conversions through all of your channels.

Local SEO

Local search results give plenty of opportunities to attract both new and returning patients. We have years of experience helping providers and practices rank in local map results.

Security and Compliance

Website security is vital to your website and medical practice. When it comes to keeping your website safe, we know how to make your site secure, trustworthy, and HIPAA compliant.

Scalable Solutions

As your practice grows and adds new locations, we adapt your digital presence and marketing strategies to keep up with your health network expansion.

Branding and Branded Creative

Building your brand begins with defining who you are and what patients will remember about your practice. Our creative team works with you to translate your brand into an amazing design across your social media, website, and more.

Let Today’s Business be your destination for all your digital marketing needs.

Common Digital Marketing Services for Healthcare Practitioners

Website Development

Our website team builds custom and high performance websites that bring your brands unique personality to life. 

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Every medical practice needs an SEO strategy. We provide SEO services that drive more traffic and help rank your website number one on search engines.

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SEM is an effective way to grow your practice and beat your competition. Our SEM services target new patients, generating more leads with quicker results. 

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Our social media services help you engage with your patients while buildingwhile, building an online community that improves your brand reputation. 

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Creative and Graphic Design

Whether it’s creating a new social media ad or landing page design, our creative team incorporates your brand and messaging into your brand new designs.

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Email Marketing

Our email marketing services help keep your patients engaged with updates about your practice and weekly newsletters.

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Common Questions From Our Healthcare Clients

A: Think of links to your website as the company you keep. When you have links coming to your website from trusted, authoritative sites throughout the web, Google believes that your website is credible and trustworthy. Since Google is looking to show users the most authoritative, trustworthy, and enjoyable search results, it will consider links as one factor in its ranking. Google also uses links to understand a website’s relevance. If you are getting links from WebMD’s hip replacement page, Google is going to assume you know a thing or two about hip replacement.

The end result of linkbuilding, in simple terms, is this: if you imagine two exact same websites with the same content and build, Google would display the website with better backlinks first. If you have a great link portfolio, you’ll see much higher chances of ranking sooner rather than later.

A: We use Wordpress because we believe that it allows us the best blend of customization and SEO. Site builders such as Wix or Squarespace continue to improve, but they still use additional code (which can slow down a website) and don’t necessarily provide the ability to create unique website features. While a completely custom coded website would provide the ultimate SEO and custom website experience, content management systems like WordPress improve productivity and also allow medical staff to update elements without coding experience.
A: Over the years, we have spent a great deal of time refining and optimizing our onboarding process. We want to make sure that we understand your practice and that we know which KPIs you prioritize. Dropoffs occur, but for actions outside of a transition. If we ever recommend a strategy for your marketing campaign that would cause a dropoff, we will communicate that to you, set expectations, and educate you on why the strategy will work better in the long term.
A: Our content writing team is a combination of SEO strategists and copywriters. All have experience writing for orthopedic practices. Our process begins with a combination of interviews and discussions with you and your team, and also involves creating a multi-month plan for what and when content will be done. We also have relationships with specialized writers if necessary.

A: Content creation in an SEO package is fluid. We will balance it with other SEO efforts to ensure that your website gets maximum return. It will be discussed with you as part of a quarterly strategy, so that you have a strong understanding of what the next three months will look like for your campaign.

We have an extensive portfolio of orthopedic content, from which examples can be shared upon request.

A: Google Analytics is at the root of providing our metrics for our clients. We also use third party analytics for each service, whether it’s keyword tracking for SEO, or Facebook analytics for social. As part of our service we will provide a dashboard that will provide you with easy access to your data.

A: Today’s Business has dealt with understanding HIPAA compliance for years, but we also have experience with ADA compliance for accessibility issues, as well as new privacy laws, such as GDPR in Europe. While the latter is not going to matter for 99% percent of orthopedic practices, rest assured that we are acutely aware of compliance issues that relate to your website.

A: We never want to see a client go, but things happen. Termination of services is always clearly written out in any agreement that a client makes with Today’s Business. Our normal policy is 90 days advance notice.
A: You bet. We believe that call tracking is one of the best KPIs that businesses can use to measure success. We also understand that call tracking can get expensive. We have multiple service providers that we work with that can provide you with different features and pricing.

Case Studies

Please take a look at our case studies to see how we’ve helped our healthcare clients build successful digital marketing campaigns. 

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About Today’s Business

At Today’s Business, we have helped healthcare providers and practices develop a digital marketing strategy with proven results. From working with women’s healthcare specialists and eye doctors to orthopedists and physical therapists, we know how to streamline your practice’s success. Learn more about our digital marketing services by contacting us today to get started!

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