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In a post-pandemic world where health networks are being consolidated, information needs to be more secure. With telehealth rising to prominence, orthopedic practices understand now more than ever the need to be established as well as agile in the digital world. 

Since our inception, digital marketing for orthopedics has been a core market for us. Learn about our experience, our approach, and why we should be on your list for your next marketing agency.


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Our Experience and Priorities Marketing for Orthopedics

While digital marketing will always have its core approaches, our experience has led us to prioritize certain factors when marketing for orthopedists.


We’ve worked with both small practices and those with 100+ locations


Knowledge of demographics and compliance requirements, such as HIPAA


Integrated telemedicine and online appointment functionality into pre-existing website


Have grown traffic for our clients over 1 million monthly users

Orthopedic Marketing Priorities

User Experience

We prioritize providing users with easy access to their doctors and locations, as well as a seamless experience when making an appointment. This ranges from core items such as an orthopedic surgeon’s specialties, to little nuances such as languages spoken and urgent care FAQs.

Multi-Channel Lead Generation

Orthopedists normally experience a demographic that ranges from young athletes to senior citizens, meaning that while you’re running a campaign on performance training on Instagram, you may also want to be simultaneously running remarketing for post-op rehabilitation. Each channel has its function. We want them seamless.

Local SEO

The majority of the US starts their research on Google, and search engines continue to become more and more local. We know the ins and outs of how to target local searches and consistently rank within map results.

Security and Compliance

Simply put, no one wants to deal with a data breach, HIPAA violation, or accessibility lawsuit for ADA compliance. We’ve seen it all, and have dealt with preventive measures on multiple occasions.

Scalable Solutions

As your health network expands to new locations, your digital presence needs to update in tow, both onsite and offsite. We operate to ensure that if you acquire 25 locations in a month, your website can adapt, and your presence on 3rd parties gets updated as well.

Branding and Branded Creative

Good branding is ubiquitous for all businesses. The right creative can help create effective new beginnings or ensure that your next campaign gets noticed for all the right reasons.

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