Tripling the Conversion Rate of A Locations Page

Client Overview

Illinois Bone & Joint Institute (IBJI) is the largest independently owned network of Orthopedic Specialists in the state of Illinois, offering over 20 different locations and 100 different physicians. At the end of 2017 IBJI had a new website developed to replace their old one. Today’s Business has been redesigning elements of the website since, including the /locations/ page in the spring of 2019.

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The Challenge

For any multi-location brick and mortar service, the location parent page – or directory – provides a crucial function. Users are commonly looking for the most relevant or nearest location, and then looking how to either:

  • Learn more about that location and its offerings
  • Contact the location to secure services.

In terms of the marketing funnel, location pages represent one of the most actionable opportunities we have for generating leads. For IBJI, the page for each specific location was performing at a satisfactory level, but the directory page was suffering. At the time of assessment, the /location/ page was performing at a less than 1% conversion rate when serving as a landing page.

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The Solution

Upon review of the design and the data, Today’s Business redesigned the location page to excel on mobile first.

Since most people who are doing local searches tend to be utilizing a phone, this was deemed paramount. The search function was broken down into core categories, automatic location-finding was added, and a clean search bar was placed front and center. The company’s color scheme was augmented to bring in a more dynamic aesthetic as well. The search results were also overhauled, providing name, address and phone numbers, while emphasizing the core actions of calling or requesting an appointment. All of this combined to be a very high functioning search feature that was equally easy to use via mobile. For SEO and navigation purposes, each location’s name links off to their own specific pages.


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The Results From The First 3 Months

While normally we like to see an increase in Pages/Session for engagement, the opposite is true here. The function of the /locations/ page is meant to drive action, so seeing a high Pages/Session meant that the page wasn’t allowing people to find the location they were looking for effectively. By improving usability, people were more likely to convert. Overall, the results post-launch of the /locations/ page showed the importance of strong and intuitive UX. Are you having trouble converting your users or find it difficult to navigate your site? Let us know and we will be happy to review.


Increase in Goal Completions


Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase in Organic Traffic as Landing Page


Decrease in Pages/Session

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