Boosting Core Service Page Performance for an Orthopaedic Practice Post Site Launch

Client Overview

OrthoGeorgia has been a staple in the Central Georgia community for decades. Home to national leaders in orthopaedic surgery, OrthoGeorgia provides comprehensive spine, hand, total joint, foot and ankle, and sports medicine care at several offices and surgical centers throughout the region. Their care specialties extend to rehab, physical therapy, diagnostic imaging, and more, making the practice the perfect place for patients to find everything they need. When OrthoGeorgia started a partnership with TB, we recognized that a new website was needed, and a strategy had to be put in place post-launch so that we could boost the practice’s numbers and top priority services – orthopaedic spine care and urgent care.

OrthoGA Case Study - Desktop

The “Crux”

Once OrthoGeorgia’s new website was up and running, we dove head first into optimization and revamps of the spine center and urgent care pages (along with other service pages) to ensure they could rank for target search queries. Our ultimate goal was to help OrthoGeorgia dominate local search results for their core services while facing the potential volatility of a new website.

The Strategy

After the client let us know that spine care and urgent care are their most prominent services, we began optimizing these pages on the new site. Core efforts included utilizing broader keywords and adding supplementary content where possible while optimizing SEO elements like headers, title tags, and meta descriptions. Part of this work included a keyword focus on terms like “center,” “specialist,” and “surgeon,” along with targeting different variations of related keywords (such as using both “spine surgeon” and “back doctor”). We’ve recently begun building out condition pages to branch off the spine center page. We anticipate positive results for these pages in the near future, as this effort allows us to focus on an even wider variety of spine-based keywords.

OrthoGA Case Study - Titles

The Results

Website launched November 11, 2021

Nov 1, 2022 – Feb 28, 2023 vs. Nov 1, 2021 – Feb 28, 2022 (Nov-Feb YoY)

Orthopedic Urgent Care Page



144,974 vs. 117,988



2,108 vs. 1,911

Spine Center Page



47,429 vs. 19,831



179 vs. 145

Target Search Query Increases

“Spine Surgeon” Impressions - Chart
“Spine Surgeons” Impressions - Chart
“Back Surgeon” Impressions - Chart
“Spine Doctors” Impressions - Chart

Other queries with significant increases for the spine page:

spine doctor near me, neck surgeons, spine specialist near me, back specialist near me,
ortho spine specialist, spinal stenosis specialist near me

Year Over Year Organic Growth




New Users




Conversions (Phone Calls)

Takeaways from the Team:

“The combination of strategies we’ve used to boost OrthoGeorgia’s overall organic performance, along with performance for the spine and urgent care center pages, has been a super fun and satisfying challenge. It’s great to see monthly increases for such a wide variety of related search queries, all while knowing that numbers will continue to grow because of ongoing content creation and optimization efforts. SEO results aren’t instant, but they’re always worth the wait.”

Julia Chirichella, SEO Strategist

“Building a new website for OrthoGeorgia has allowed us to get their performance to an all-time high. Faster page load times, improved site speed, and better responsiveness across different devices all play a big part in the new site. Not only is the site faster, but with better UX and UI, any new or existing patient will have a great experience. I’m excited to see the growth in performance, how users will respond, and how the site will do with SEO in terms of reach.”

Justin Ramsammy, Web Developer

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