Increasing Web Leads by 737% for a Cabinets & Countertops Company

Client Overview

Cabinets Direct USA is one of the oldest and leading cabinet and countertop suppliers in the northeast, providing various kitchen and bathroom remodeling services since 1935. They’re also one of the longest standing clients of TB. At the time that Cabinets Direct USA signed with Today’s Business, they had set their goal as getting one contact form per day and they’d be happy. As we moved into 2020, TB recognized that updating the client’s location pages could provide a major boost to consistent lead generation, especially with budgets for advertising being cut at the start of COVID-19.

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The “Crux”

Simply put, Cabinets Direct’s location pages were not producing effectively for lead generation, nor were they ranking for some basic keywords we wanted to target, particularly since it often came down to whether we prioritized cabinets or countertop keywords.

The Strategy

To improve the performance of each location, Today’s Business focused its efforts on a completely new strategy on the website. Rather than creating a single standard page for the client, TB created four, with one serving as the primary showroom page. Each location was in its own pyramid site structure, with a mobile first design providing in page navigation to a cabinets page, countertops page, and custom design page. By creating this 4-for-1 concept, we had pages closely linked and structure together, all able to have very specific keyword focuses.

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The Results

Note: SEM was paused and Social Media was limited at the time the COVID outbreak occurred.

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230% Increase

Clicks Per Month

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103% Increase

Impressions Per Month

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375% Increase

Sessions (Year over Year)

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30% Improvement

Bounce Rate

Takeaways from the Team:

“A lot of time and effort went into creating so many pages. Multi location businesses can be a challenge for content with just a single page concept, but quadrupling it meant even more time invested. But the strategy is sound, and Google has stated in the past that using a pyramid structure to linking, rather than a flat site structure, enables them to have a strong understanding of how pages work. Ultimately, between the design, functionality, and content, the pages’ success speaks for themselves.”

Forrest Old

Director of SEO

“With having multiple location pages, the overall goal for the UI was to make sure all the content was strategically placed for the user to easily navigate through the page. Having a lot of content necessary for SEO is a challenge for design. Implementing a tab feature below the fold allowed us to have all the necessary SEO content on the page while not making the page too long and disrupting the design. Another important element to the page was adding all the specific location contact information above the fold so the user knows where they are before they get into all the details. Another major improvement to the page was to really structure the size and spacing of the text to really help guide the user and improve their overall experience when they land on the page.”

Mario Teixeira

Graphic Designer

“Not only did we make these showroom pages way more visually appealing, the pages are much more intuitive now. We implemented the dynamic Google reviews for each location and fleshed out each page to include a ton of SEO-beneficial content. All changes were made with maintaining a desirable page speed score in mind. I think we hit the mark on all fronts – design, SEO, and development – with these pages.”

Brittany Grebnova/Justin Ramsammy

Web Developers

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