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2021 Digital Marketing News and Updates: March-April

Welcome to Today’s Business’s second edition of 2021 Digital Marketing News and Updates! Right here, you can discover some choice information about digital marketing events and changes. This edition focuses primarily on data changes that have been happening over the past couple of months. Recent News and Updates in Digital Marketing FLoC is Coming Soon  […]

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Question Hub: Who’s it for and How to Use it

What is the Google Question Hub Tool? Google Question Hub is a Google-developed platform focusing on the unanswered questions asked on the internet. Google organizes information to find the most relevant results for each user’s search query. If there is no content available, Question Hub collects unanswered questions to identify content gaps that are online. […]


How to Prioritize SEO Tasks for Your Site in 2021

This blog was written by a Today’s Business intern in the SEO department to share what was learned. It was written at the end of his internship, after about six months. What SEO Tasks Should you Prioritize It is no secret that search engine optimization is one of the most important aspects of website ownership […]

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How to Write a Good Blog

The following blog is number 2 of 3 written by a Today’s Business SEO intern. The blogs were utilized to show what they had been learning as well as provide users useful information. This blog was written after 3 months of interning and was vetted by SEO staff. Blogs are one of the best ways […]


2021 Digital Marketing News and Updates: March 1, 2021

The world of digital marketing is rapidly evolving, and it’s only accelerating as the world becomes more and more dependent on digital commerce. With that in mind, Today’s Business is launching a routine digital marketing news and updates post to help users make sense of what’s happening. Recent Digital Marketing News and Updates from January […]

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How Apple’s iOS 14 Update Will Impact Web Advertisers

Yet another policy is being implemented across Facebook for advertisers everywhere. With the rapid and exponential growth of digital advertising and data tracking, Facebook has been taking strides over the years to cater its platforms towards both consumers and businesses. Now, with Apple’s iOS 14 Update, which shines a light on App Tracking Transparency, Facebook […]

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If We Could Design Google’s Mascot … and Other Design Fun

Back in the pre-COVID days of everyone in the office, Today’s Business’ Jake Romano (Instagram) would have fun doing themed whiteboard art, starting with Google’s “bot.” From this bore the idea to expand on the fun and share some ideas online. Below you’ll find six cartoons Jake decided to do as an homage to both […]

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5 Effective Link Building Strategies in 2021

If you want your pages to rank in organic search, you need to acquire backlinks. However, your web pages won’t rank just by obtaining more links, you need quality links and that means using the right tactics. Below are five effective strategies to build your link portfolio.  1. Unlinked Brand Mentions One way to acquire […]


What is SEO: A Beginner’s Perspective

As part of their internship, Today’s Business had an SEO intern blog about their experiences and what they learned. This blog was written after being an intern for a little over a month. What is SEO: A Beginner’s Perspective Have you ever wondered what makes you click on a certain website or why one site […]

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Google Analytics 4: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

In October 2020, Google officially debuted the latest iteration of its Analytics platform. As anyone who works in the world of digital marketing knows, Google Analytics is a crucial piece of our toolkit, enabling us to make data-driven decisions and measure KPIs. So with the debut of GA4, what should we be paying attention to? […]



If you’re a business owner or marketing director for an e-commerce company, then odds are you’re currently investing in an affiliate marketing program (81% of brands use affiliate marketing programs). If you don’t have a program active right now then you’re probably looking to get started. Good news, you’re in the right place! Today’s Business […]

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Facebook Removes 20% Text Restrictions for Paid Ads

For years, Facebook’s 20% text restrictions have been a thorn in the side of social media advertisers and graphic designers everywhere. On September 7, 2020, Facebook announced they will no longer be penalizing ads with higher amounts of image text. There is no better time than in the year 2020, for Facebook to remove its […]

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