The 25 Best Influencers in San Diego

Renowned for its pleasant climate, rich cultural diversity, delicious food, and exciting attractions, San Diego is a must-visit along the California Pacific coast. Whether you’re a fan of the San Diego Padres or looking to experience iconic places like the San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld, this city offers something for everyone. To help you explore San Diego from different perspectives, we’ve put together a list of the top 25 influencers in the city. 

At  Today’s Business, we are an influencer marketing agency with a primary focus on creating and managing influencer campaigns in the fashion, food, and health/wellness industries. Our specialized influencer marketing team excels in finding influencers across various geographic areas and industries. Our research has allowed us to discover the best influencers in different cities across the United States, and today, we bring you the best influencers in San Diego. Be sure to check out our list below and let us know if there is someone you would like to add! 

Best Food Influencers in San Diego

Mrs. Dee Penda (@mrsdeependa)

Mrs. Dee Penda 

Mrs.Dee Penda is a dynamic food influencer with over 1 million followers on Instagram and TikTok. Her content is centered around home-cooked meals, but not your typical ones. Mrs.Dee Penda showcases dishes from various corners of the world, generously sharing her culinary expertise.

Darryl Gordon (@sandiegofoodiefan)

Darryl Gordon 

Darryl Gordon is on a mission to showcase San Diego’s best restaurants. He explores a variety of restaurants, including Mediterranean, Italian, and Mexican cuisine, making him the restaurant expert of the city. If you happen to be in San Diego, make sure to check out his Instagram page or simply head over to his website, where you’ll find restaurant rankings and much more.

Erica Shutty (@whatericacraves)

Erica Shutty 

Erica explores all things delicious in southern California, particularly San Diego. Every day is a food adventure for Erica and her over 61k followers as they search for the best restaurants in the city. If you’re looking for eateries, Erica has you covered with the best dine-in spots in San Diego.

San Diego Foodies (@sdfoodies)

San Diego Foodies 

San Diego Foodies is a restaurant review page run by travel bloggers Chris and Ashley.  Here, you’ll find an active community that has a deep appreciation for quality food and experiences in San Diego. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, make sure to give them a follow.

Melski (@that_foodie_nurse_melski)


When Melski is not attending to her patients at the doctor’s office, she can be found exploring restaurants in San Diego. Her Instagram feed is filled with delicacies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Although she rarely posts cooking content, Melski shares she loves to cook as much as going out to try new restaurants.

Best Family Influencers in San Diego

Kelsia Gomez (@emiliavictoria01)

Kelsia Gomez 

Kesia Gomez is a mother of two, sharing content on home decor, motherhood, lifestyle, and travel. Based in San Diego, she shares inspirations for family-friendly activities in the city. 

Hannah Westby (@hanwestby)

Hannah Westby 

Hannah is a family influencer living in San Diego with two kids and her husband. Her content is centered around family living with a sprinkle of fashion. As a lover of interior design and floral prints, Hannah’s Instagram feed is filled with aesthetically pleasing photos and scenery. 

Carly Anderson (@lipglossandcrayons)

Carly Anderson 

Carly is a former teacher who has made a transition to the digital world. As a mother, she tries to convey positive messages that will make a meaningful impact on anyone watching. Her most recent content revolves around training for a ½ marathon. Join Carly’s journey by following her on Instagram.

Aly Enwright (@aly.andco)

Aly Enwright 

Aly is a Latina creator sharing everyday family moments and travel experiences. There’s no one as passionate about family adventures as Aly: she acquired a camper van to explore San Diego without limitations. If you’re as passionate as Aly about not missing out on the exciting opportunities San Diego offers, be sure to check out her page for the thrilling recounts of the adventures they’ve experienced so far. 

Rachel Pitzel (@xo.rachelpitzel)

Rachel Pitzel 

Rachel is a family influencer with a lot on her plate. She shares everyday family content about life as a mother, travel, fashion, beauty, and wellness. As a mom who takes family entertainment and bonding very seriously, Halloween was the perfect time to get the family together. If you need inspiration on family activities this holiday season, Rachel has your back! 

Best Fashion Influencers in San Diego

Ting Ma (@tingmystyle)

Ting Ma 

Ting Ma is a fashion icon on Instagram, but to her longtime followers, she’s more than that. Ting’s Instagram page is a place where aging is embraced, and her community has learned to admire every wrinkled and gray hair. Fashion, fitness, and beauty are some of the topics you’ll find on her page. 

Erica Hoida (@fashionedchicstyling)

Erica Hoida 

Do you have an eye for fashion? If so, this influencer is perfect for you. Erica is a fashion influencer who captures iconic photos of her everyday outfits. With a unique sense of style and talent to put pieces together, she offers inspiration for her 1.1 million followers. 

Suyapa Lucy Hernandez (@lucyswhims)

Suyapa Lucy Hernandez 

Keeping up with trends doesn’t need to break your pockets. Suyapa believes that to elevate your style, all you need is a combination of luxury items with affordable ones. If you are in need of some inspiration, Suyapa shows you how over on her Instagram.

Gina Ybarra (@huntforstyles)

Gina Ybarra 

Fashion enthusiast Gina can serve as your inspiration for any occasion. Living in San Diego, her outfits are tailored for the city’s warmer weather, yet they can be effortlessly adapted to suit any season. If you’re seeking ways to elevate your wardrobe, be sure to check Gina’s Instagram

Steph (@sassandsun)


Mom and style content creator Steph is the right influencer for you if you happen to be juggling a lot but don’t want to compromise style. With content such as “What I wore this week,” Steph encourages her followers to dress fashionably without trying too much. 

Best Wellness Influencers in San Diego

Nikki Blackketter (@nikkiblackketter)

Nikki Blackketter 

Are you starting the gym and need some extra motivation? Nikki is the ideal influencer for gym-goers in the San Diego area. She’s dedicated to helping her followers stay on track with their fitness routine and maintain a healthy, balanced diet. 

Keary Cheney (@graceandsalt)

Keary Cheney 

Keary is a mom of 3 and is currently expecting her fourth child. She shares tips on pregnancy and homebirths and is an advocate for holistic nutrition. On her Instagram, you will find content on family living and recipes. 

Hannah Miller Gonzalez (@hmillerfit)

Hannah Miller Gonzalez 

Hannah is a “Gym Rat” (a gym rat is an exercise and fitness enthusiast who spends a lot of time at the gym). Not only is she a personal trainer, but she also shares her own fitness journey on social media for followers to follow along or recreate. With over 40k followers, her content is aimed at fitness enthusiasts, whether they are new to fitness or more advanced, to improve their lifting form. 

Arielle Berneman (@sweatinsd)

Arielle Berneman 

Arielle shares content about her daily fitness routine, which includes get-ready-with-me, her gym routine, and post-gym activities. She’s well known in the fitness community both in San Diego and New York, and she has gained tremendous popularity to the point where her guided fitness classes sell out quickly. 

Michelle Enriquez (@dietandfries

Michelle Enriquez 

Michelle, a wife and dog mom living in San Diego shares easy-to-follow recipes that range from breakfast to desserts. Some of her most recent recipe posts include gluten-free nachos, protein chocolate muffins, and coconut pancakes. 

Best Blogger Influencers in San Diego

Solana Wenzel (@solandfam)

Solana Wenzel 

The Instagram handle says it all! Sol shares daily content on her family, everyday activities, and product reviews/recommendations. To keep her followers in the loop about happenings in San Diego, she shares activity ideas, which can be found on her Linktree

Giulia Grindle (@palmtreesandpellegrino

Giulia Grindle 

Are you a travel or fashion enthusiast? If you are, then Julia is the right influencer for you. On her Instagram, you will find travel tips and fashion insights, along with captivating images of tourist attractions in San Diego and around the world.

Chelsey (@chelseyexplores


Planning a stay in San Diego? Chelsey is here to help. She’s passionate about planning outdoor activities and itineraries for anyone in the San Diego area. As the holiday season approaches, she has prepared a list of her favorite San Diego Christmas activities, which you can find on her Instagram

Chris & Ashley (@chris.and.ashley)

Chris & Ashley 

Let Chris and Ashley guide you through San Diego’s most popular restaurants and travel destinations. With over 11k followers, they keep their audience engaged with weekly reel content, covering travel and restaurant-related topics and reviews of everyday services they enjoy from local entrepreneurs.

Courtney Delfino (@letravelstyle)

Courtney Delfino 

Courtney is a versatile content creator, primarily focusing on travel, fashion, and nearby activities in the San Diego area. She has a blog where she makes frequent publications related to her Instagram content. If you enjoy her content, be sure to stay connected by checking out her blog posts here.

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