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Best Boston Influencers Featured Image of Kate Weiser

The 11 Best Boston Influencers

Searching to find the best Boston influencers? We have created a list of all the best influencers in the Boston area across various categories!

Best influencers in San Diego featured image of Erica Shutty's instagram profile.

The 25 Best Influencers in San Diego

Searching for the best San Diego influencers? Look no further! We have created a list of the best influencers in the San Diego area across five categories!

Best Orlando Influencers Featured image of Adriana Redding

The 10 Best Orlando Influencers

Trying to find the best Orlando influencers? We have created a list of all the best influencers in the Orlando area across multiple categories!

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Using Influencer Marketing to Boost In Store Sales of 4 Items by 350%

Choosing the theme of this campaign, British Invasion, came down to tapping into nostalgia of Publix’s main consumer base in order to draw as many eyes to the cheeses as possible. With the demographic of Publix shoppers skewing older, tapping into a retro theme that tied a throughline between the musical British Invasion and our campaign allowed us to tap into the goodwill provided by the era. An added bonus was that millennial audiences love vintage items, meaning we were able to reach into two different demographics with simple branding. Drawing comparisons between that and the cheeses was an easy sell and led to some entertaining Reels set to music from the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and The Who.

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Fashion Influencer Agency

Grow your brand by working with Fashion influencer experts!


Food Influencer Agency

Best Tampa Influencers Featured Image

The 10 Best Tampa Influencers

Looking for the best Tampa influencers? Our team has you covered with a list of the 10 best influencers and content creators in the Tampa Bay area.

The Best TikTok Sound Trends of 2022 Featured Image

The 10 Best TikTok Sound Trends for Growth in 2022

Curious what the best TikTok Sound Trends were in 2022? Check out our blog which outlines 10 of the biggest TikTok trending sounds from 2022.

Best San Francisco Influencers Featured Image

The 10 Best San Francisco Influencers

San Francisco is home to a ton of big-time influencers. Here’s a peek at some of our favorite San Fran influencers.

The Top 20 Instagram Reel Trends of 2022 Featured Image

The Top 20 Instagram Reel Trends of 2022

Our social media experts crawled Instagram to find the Top 20 IG Reel trends of 2022. Check it out!

The Best Miami Influencers Jozie Schroder

The 21 Best Miami Influencers

Miami is home to some of the biggest influencers in the world. We’ve worked with countless influencers who call Miami home. Check out our list of the best influencers in Miami.

The Best NYC Influencers Alexa Matthew

The 10 Best New York City Influencers

Through our years of research and experience, we’ve identified the influencers in this list as some of the best content creators and influencers within New York City.

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