The 10 Best Orlando Influencers

Orlando, known as the Theme Park Capital and home to Disney World and Universal Studios, has captivated people with its thrilling attractions and magical experiences.  However, this vibrant city has much more to offer, including art galleries and entertainment centers, a diverse culinary scene, and great shopping opportunities. Eager to uncover the trendiest spots in Orlando? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 influencers who know Orlando inside out and are ready to guide you to the best the city has to offer. 

Today’s Business is an influencer marketing agency that specializes in managing influencer campaigns for the fashion, food, and health/wellness industries. Our team of influencer research specialists is constantly scouring the internet, looking for the top influencers across multiple geographic areas and industries. Through our research, we’ve identified the following influencers as the best in the Orlando area. Check out our list and let us know if you think there is someone we are missing!

Who are the best Orlando Influencers?

#1 Jesslyn Hernandez (@orlandofoodiegirl

Jesslyn Hernandez @orlandofoodiegirl

​​Embark on an Orlando food adventure with Jessly Hernandez, popularly known as Orlando Foodie Girl, on Instagram. With a dedicated following of over 45K, she’s your go-to guide for exploring the diverse gastronomic delights of Orlando. Whether you’re craving something sweet, sour, big, or small, Jesslyn has it all covered for you.

#2 Adriana Redding (@bibbidibobbidi_broke)

Adriana Redding  (@bibbidibobbidi_broke)

Adriana is your go-to person for all things amusement park-related in Orlando. A devoted fan of Disney and Harry Potter, Adriana is committed to keeping her followers in the loop about all the exciting happenings in the city.

#3 Deana Romano (@deanastyle)

Deana Romano  

Searching for family-friendly activities in Orlando? Deana has you covered! From exploring the city’s culinary delights and theme park adventures to discovering the latest fashion trends and travel hotspots, Deana enjoys exploring all that the city has to offer and wants to take you along.   

#4 Camila Colon (@camilaainc

Camila Colon 

Camila has a long-standing presence in the digital realm, sharing her daily life with an impressive following of over 535k. She provides valuable insights into fashion and beauty and, more recently, has focused on sharing her experience as a first-time mother. 

#5 Michael Haffner (@justpotus )

Michael Haffner 

Michael commits to showcasing prime destinations in Orlando, Tampa, and Beyond. Boasting a TikTok following of over 26k, Michael delves into the world of food year-round, revealing top food pairings you won’t want to miss. 

#6 kyla Sanae (@theorlandoqueen)

kyla Sanae 

Meet Kyla, aptly crowned as the queen of Orlando due to her passion for uncovering the city’s finest dining spots and engaging activities. For all your outing needs, visit Kyla’s Instagram or TikTok, where you’ll discover exciting things to do in Orlando, regardless of the occasion.       

#7 Cina Fuller (@lifewithcina

Cina Fuller 

Cina, a digital content creator based in Orlando, offers a diverse range of content across her social media platforms. From lifestyle and motherhood to fashion and hairstyles, she shares insights into various aspects of her life. Her content predominantly centers around her family’s dynamics and her experiences as a mother to three children.

#8 Christina Petsos (@somehowimnotfat)

Christina Petsos 

Christina, a photographer and food writer at, curates a captivating Instagram page brimming with restaurant reviews and stunning food photography. Don’t miss her special Halloween Horror Nights food guide, where she rates this season’s Halloween-themed menu additions at Universal Orlando Resort. Be sure to give it a look! 

#9 Maria Garzon (@foodie.girly)  

Maria Garzon 

Maria Garzon, a resident of Orlando, is on a quest for the city’s most thrilling adventures. From trips to the zoo, roller skating, and kayaking, she shares these exhilarating experiences with her followers on both  Instagram and TikTok. Additionally, Maria frequently posts restaurant reviews and content related to cooking and lifestyle. 

#10 Amanda Wrate (@amandainorlando)

Amanda Wrate

Are you searching for an influencer who invites you to join thrilling adventures? Look no further; Amanda is your guide. Amanda shares her experience with theme parks, food, fashion, and travel. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore her page and stay updated on current happenings in Orlando.                                                 

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