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Expert Content Creators at Your Fingertips

Today’s Business is home to a team of content experts who sit under the umbrella of our SEO department. In fact, most SEO campaign hours will comprise up to 50% content. Since Today’s Business values finding the right marketing partners rather than specializing exclusively in a specific vertical, our writers have experience creating all kinds of content across several industries.

When you work with Today’s Business we’ll help you rank for your target keywords by creating relevant content that leverages the topics that matter most. If we do not have writers specialized in your industry, we also have a large cache of freelance writers that we work with when the highest level of expertise is needed. No matter who writes it, you receive content that is designed to show up in Google, engage your customers, and help increase your leads.

Why Should I Care About Content Marketing?

Chances are that you’re an authority on your products and services. But does your website reflect that? Content is crucial in digital marketing, and a comprehensive and personalized content marketing campaign is exactly what every business needs to attract and retain their target audience, earning trust along the way. We always recommend to our clients that a content gap analysis is performed to help identify opportunities within your services, blogs, use cases, whitepapers, and more.

When your website is full of engaging, relevant, authoritative content, you can expect:

  • Your audience to stick around longer
  • Better engagement on social media
  • A higher level of trust with your audience
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Increased visibility on Google, Bing, and other search engines
  • Increased brand awareness overall
  • The most cost-effective way to market digitally

How Content Marketing Complements SEO

Every website needs content – you need to provide visitors with insights about your services, products, and what sets you apart. SEO and content marketing go hand-in-hand, with optimized content being the driving force for SEO success. Every SEO strategy needs to take content into account, as it provides endless opportunities for keyword usage, internal linking, and link building. But remember: quality content doesn’t just play a role in SEO – it makes a major impact in social media campaigns, paid advertising, and more. Why? Because it enables greater flexibility in ad campaigns, more reasons to frequently engage your social media audience, and often lower costs per click for SEM.

Telehealth Virtual Care FAQs

Examples of Today’s Business’ Content Success

Check out some examples of successful content we’ve created for our clients. Starting a strategic content marketing campaign is one of the best marketing decisions you can make for your business!

Telemedicine Service Page

Telemedicine page for Digestive Healthcare Center that ranks for variations on this relevant keyword, including gi telemedicine near me, telehealth gastroenterology, and virtual gastroenterology. A recent five-month comparison showcased an increase in impressions of over 200% for “gi telemedicine near me” for this page, with growth also noted for variations on this keyword. This type of optimization ensures that potential patients can find the page when searching for different ways to describe the service.

Dumpster Size Pages for Waste Management

Tremendous YoY growth in sessions and new users for Cali Carting’s dumpster size pages. These pages were created to satisfy a major query target for our waste management client. Each one has been driving clicks more successfully than if they were on one big page.

Long Form Blogging for Law Firm SEO

Successful long-form blog content focused on state-specific DWI information for The Gallucci Law Firm. YoY clicks, impressions, and click through rate have growth significantly for queries containing “dwi,” including “dwi first offense ny,” “staten island dwi lawyer,” “aggravated dwi,” and more.

Medical Blogging for an Orthopedic Network

Growth has been seen for various relevant keywords due to successful medical blogs like “What Does it Feel Like to Break a Bone?” for Raleigh Orthopaedic. In this example, it was written to address a question that someone might ask ahead of seeking an orthopedist or orthopedic urgent care. Blogs are generating nearly 50,000 clicks per month.

Home Improvement Homepage Content and Accompanying Design Revamp

Homepage design and content updates for RWC Windows, Doors, Kitchens & Baths have led to a 36% reduction in bounce rate, 40% increase in pages per session, and double the conversion rate

Get Started with a Personalized Content Marketing Campaign Today

We’ve successfully created engaging content for businesses in a variety of markets, including contracting, healthcare, IT, law firms, manufacturing, orthopedics, plastic surgery, real estate, waste management, and more! We’ll learn what makes your business unique and use those insights to create content that covers your topics of interest and helps your business stand out. Visitors to your site will gain the knowledge and insights they need to trust you with whatever they’re looking for. We combine expert content marketing with comprehensive SEO strategies to help your business rank organically for the keywords that matter most to you.

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