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What is the Toolset WordPress Plugin?

Toolset is a WordPress plugin designed to empower people to create the exact site they envisioned. It allows developers to bypass the need for certain coding yet still allow for custom functionality. Today’s Business likes to use Toolset because:

  • It allows for faster development
  • Toolset Blocks play great with Gutenberg, the standard editor for WordPress
  • It can eliminate several plugins from your website, improving page speed and functionality
  • It’s lighter weight than Advanced Custom Fields
  • It’s compatible with both stock and proprietary themes
  • Is effective at creating dynamic, conditional content blocks
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We are Expert Toolset Developers

WordPress is the default website builder of choice at Today’s Business, meaning that we’re using Toolset on every project to ensure that our custom websites work reliably, function as desired, and set standards for page speed. Our developers have over X years of experience working with WordPress and X years working with Toolset.

How Toolset Helps Your Site Go Fast

Toolset helped achieve this performance because of optimizations made to its revised block system. Now when you create a page using Toolset for functionality, excess code has been stripped and the way that the resources load is in the optimal order. Many WordPress plugins come with a significant amount of extra code to satisfy all customer needs.

Tools such as Toolset help avoid this and keep your site lightweight while giving you the exact functionality you desire. Our dev team is very comfortable creating new Toolset elements or revising those that already exist.

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Examples of How Today’s Business Uses Toolset:

Check out the following examples of how we’ve used Toolset to create amazing features on WordPress sites, such as custom search, unique post fields, conditional content, and much more.

Toolset WCFDoctorSearch
Toolset-made Providers Search and Filters
Toolset TBPorftolio
Toolset-made filters for portfolio
Toolset SpiroBA
Toolset Display for gallery images
Toolset OrthoGA Locations
Toolset view for locations display
Toolset DHC Services
Toolset view that displays all Procedures

Check out more of our web design work in our portfolio.

Custom Toolset Support for WordPress – Getting Started

If you are working with Today’s Business on a new website, any use of Toolset will be factored into your build.  If you are in need of Toolset expertise for a specific project, use the multi-step form below to get started. Once we understand your crux or goal, we will likely need access to the backend of your website to properly analyze and audit its structure. From there, we will be able to provide you an estimation of services, both in terms of timeline and cost. Our creative team utilizes Adobe programs such as XD and Illustrator, making any pre-existing designs you may have through these or other programs easy to apply to our work. 

What do you want to achieve with your website? Leverage the WordPress and Toolset experts at Today’s Business today.

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