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Client Overview

Ricciardi Brothers is a brick and mortar chain of 43 paint stores in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, affiliated with Benjamin Moore. Each year, Ricciardi Brothers traditionally runs 3 major summer sales that coincide with Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day. Today’s Business has been working with the brand for several years, serving as a multi-channel digital marketing agency all year round. In 2019, Ricciardi Brothers launched an e-commerce portion of their website that enabled ordering online for in-store pickup.

The Challenge

2020 represented the first year that Ricciardi Brothers was going to be able to properly utilize its e-commerce platform for the entire campaign season. Of course, mother nature threw everyone a curveball this year with the Coronavirus pandemic. As the 3 summer campaigns arrived, Today’s Business needed to:
Translate the sales from a brick and mortar promotion to include e-commerce
Handle promotions during a pandemic
Identify the new campaign KPIs to show value

The Challenge

Over the course of the summer, the target KPIs were geared towards:

Free Pint Subscriptions

(Email Subscriptions)

Up to $50 off Benjamin Moore Paint online

Social Conversion Flow

Campaign 1
Free Pint Ad Featuring Coupon > Facebook Lead Form > Coupon Sent via Email > Email Subscription from Free Pint
Campaign 2
Free Pint Ad Featuring Promo Code > E-Commerce Site > Purchase
Campaign 3
$50 off Promo Code > E-Commerce site > Purchase

SEM Conversion Flow

Search Network Campaign 1
Branded Keywords  > Landing Page  >  Email Subscribe and E-Commerce Transactions
Search Network Campaign 2
Benjamin Moore + Location Keywords  >  Landing Page  > Email Subscribe and E-Commerce Transactions
Display Network Campaign 1
$50 off Promo Code > E-Commerce site > Purchase

Email Conversion Flow

Campaign 1
Promotional Emails > Print Coupon
Campaign 2
Promotional Emails > E-Commerce Transactions
Campaign 3
End of Sale and Unopened Targets > Print Coupons and Ecommerce

SEO Conversion Flow

Keyword Priorities
Paint Store + Location, Benjamin Moore + Location Slide-In Pop Up > Landing Page
Campaign 1
Push Notifications > Landing Page
Campaign 2
Push Notifications > New Blogs > Landing Page

Campaign Creatives

For each sale campaign for Ricciardi Brothers, Today’s Business would create custom creatives for use on all channels. Below you’ll see some examples.

Additional Considerations:

As part of the pandemic, Ricciardi Brothers began offering curbside pickup and local delivery options through both its brick and mortar locations and its e-commerce site. This was communicated on the site as well as within the context of the social media and retargeting efforts.

To maximize long term ROI for the campaign, Today’s Business also sent out follow up email requests for people to review their nearby location following an e-commerce purchase. The goal was to increase reviews to Google My Business listings, which would help with local search.

Traffic generated from all digital channels helped further strengthen the retargeting campaign.

So How’d We Do? The Results from the Summer Campaigns:

Campaign Spend
Number of Transactions
E-commerce Revenue
Average Transaction Value
E-commerce ROI (per dollar spent)
In-store Coupon Redemptions
Projected In-Store Revenue*
In-store ROI* (per dollar spent)
Overall Investment Gain*
or 605.62% Overall ROI*
* Because there was no available data on actual in-store purchases, the average transaction for e-commerce was used.
New Email Subscribers 1,518
New Reviews Generated 199
(89% increase over normal reviews rates)

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