The perfect combination between
creativity and technology.

The digital marketing world has changed, and it continues to evolve every single day. To keep up with trends, companies are no longer seeking high retainer agencies that nickel and dime them for their services. Instead, they’re looking for an agency who isn’t afraid to go the extra mile. At Today’s Business, we pride ourselves on being a true partner with our client by providing comprehensive oversight to their personalized digital marketing plan. We’re willing to put our money where our mouth is and set up a goal-oriented strategy that’s built for the long-haul.



What We Do

Today’s Business is a full-service digital marketing agency eager to share an overarching ambition of reciprocal growth. With a deep understanding of each and every client, TB makes sure that every business gets the attention they deserve. Partnering with us will provide you the tools necessary to succeed in the ever-present digital world and contest the likes of your competition on an even larger stage. Our multi-channel marketing strategy is designed to adapt to highly competitive business trends while fulfilling the specific needs and expectations of our clients.



Athlete Marketing – TODAY’S ATHLETES

Today’s Athletes was formulated naturally due to the network of athletes that our executive team has befriended over the years in combination with the increase in customer demand for athlete and influencer marketing campaigns. Today‘s Athletes is unique from the typical sports agency in that it provides each client with access to Today‘s Business, a full-service digital marketing agency. The marketing goal for our athletes is to create a positive consistency in brand and maintain it through custom marketing strategies. Today‘s Business establishes and manages the social presence of each athlete, providing a 24/7 monitoring service on each platform in additional to public relations services. We have built relationships with some of the nations most well know brands including Nike, Under Armour, Dunkin Donuts, Modell’s, Bose , and many more.

Influence Marketing – TB INFLUENCE

Our exclusive influencer network, TB Influence, focuses on using key leaders to drive your brand’s message to the larger market on social media. Tapping into influencer marketing and turning influencers to advocates for your brand is a great way to leverage these audiences to grow awareness and build a loyal following. TB Influence helps connect our clients with the top influencers in their markets. Our goal is for our brands and influencers to work together in the most comprehensive and flexible influencer network and community.

Graphics – TB CREATIVE

You can’t build a memorable brand without defining who you are. Our Graphic Design Team can help with that. From a standout logo to professional promotional materials, our team will deliver imagery that you will love. Our tight knit group of designers specialize in design that mainly deals in the digital field but for the most part we can conquer any design challenge that comes our way. Our design department does a majority of social graphics, website sliders,pop-ups and website graphics, website and Facebook ads, cover photos and photo editing. More in the print area of design we make flyers, business cards, billboards, posters and menus just to give a overview.

Email Marketing – TB CONVERT

TB Convert has increased conversion rates for hundreds of businesses over the past 7 years. From strategy to optimization, Today’s Business team of conversion experts design and develop campaign components to align with the clients brand and customers journey. Campaign are developed with different CTA such as Slide-in Scroll Box, Countdown Time, Content Lockers and triggers implemented such as exit-intent Technology, Scroll Triggers, Timed Display Control and more. Optimization also included targets campaigns based on referrer detection, page-level targeting, Geo Location Target, Adblock Detection and more.

Performance Based – TB CONNECT

TB Connect is a self-serve platform where influencers can connect with brands in real time and formulate affiliate marketing partnerships. Influencers can propose campaigns to brands and negotiate with them on the network and vice versa. Once a campaign is agreed on, a tracking link is generated and the influencer can begin to promote that brand and earn commissions through leads and customer acquisition. TB Connect also provides reporting and other unique features that show the results of a campaign.