Five Apps to Boost Productivity At Work

You have apps to keep in touch with your friends, apps for traveling, so why not download some new apps to help you at work? Whether you’re responsible for communicating with clients, creating custom graphics, or building websites, it is crucial for digital marketing agencies to be organized, productive, and successful. Within our company, we have many different tools that help us get the job done. Check out our company’s top picks to help boost productivity at work!

1. Wunderlist

Cost: Free

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There are plenty of list making applications out there, but Wunderlist takes the cake. Not only is it free (they do have paid options), but the app is also extremely user friendly and your lists can be accessible from any of your devices! How does that work exactly? After you sign up, all of your lists are saved in the cloud. The list you made on your work computer can easily be accessible on your iPhone during a meeting.

What really sets this app apart from its competitors is the ability to easily share your list with your coworkers. If you are working on a project together, this can help ensure that everyone is staying on top of his or her work to hit your deadline. You can even send reminders to your coworkers if their task has not been checked off!

2. Inkflow

Cost: Free

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Would you describe yourself as a visual learner? If so, you need to download Inkflow. While they do have a free option, the paid (plus) option unlocks colored ink, a brush and pencil (compared to the free version’s pen), plus an eraser and the ability to cut, copy, and paste.  You have full access to select, move, and resize anything on your “book.” The app is designed with the user in mind, making it extremely easy for the user to navigate.

Inkflow is great for an added creativity boost. With the option to easily add photos, text, and your own drawings, you can add your personal touch to any project.

3. Boomerang

Price: Varies

Boomerang is changing the email game for Account Managers everywhere. This gmail application lets the user control when he or she sends and receives messages. How can it do that? The app offers different features:

Send emails later: Want to write a reminder email but need to write a reminder to yourself to do it? With Boomerang, you can write an email today, and then schedule when you want it to go out!

Reminders: Never let an email slip through the cracks again! Boomerang will remind you within a specific time frame after an email is sent, whether someone answered the email or not.

Clean up your inbox:  Remain clutter free by removing emails from your inbox until you need them again. All the user has to do is simply click the Boomerang button with an email open, and it will archive your message and will reappear on the date and time you choose.

Depending on your needs, there are different levels of the app (which come at different costs).

4. StayFocusd

Price: Free

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Have a difficult time staying off your favorite social media sites during work? Increase your productivity with StayFocusd! With this app, you allot the amount of time you are allowed to visit your favorite time-wasting websites. When your time is up, the sites on your blocked list will not be accessible for the remainder of the day. Even if you can stay focused, this app helps you keep track of the amount of time you spend on websites everyday. You never know how this app will help you realize your own habits!

5. Keeper

Price: Free

Are you in charge of your clients’ social media accounts and have trouble keeping track of all the passwords? Keeper is the perfect solution! This app keeps your passwords private (even Keeper employees do not have access to them) and protects your passwords with multi-factor authentication, RSA encryption, biometric login and Keeper DNA®. There’s a reason why millions of people trust this app!

With the help from this app, you will never have to spend your precious time searching for the correct passwords (and all too often, having to reset passwords after too many login attempts).

At Today’s Business, we are always on top of the latest apps and resources to help us better serve our clients. Learn more about what we offer to our clients, here.