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The Top 20 Instagram Reel Trends of 2022 Featured Image

The Top 20 Instagram Reel Trends of 2022

Our social media experts crawled Instagram to find the Top 20 IG Reel trends of 2022. Check it out!

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How to Lease up 70% of your Rentals in Just 2 Months via Social Media Marketing

Today’s Business works with BNE to assist new property lease-ups through social media marketing.

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Elon Musk Officially Bought Twitter. Here Are 5 Things He Plans To Do Next…

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Instagram is Removing its “Swipe-Up” Feature: What Brands Need To Know

The ‘Swipe-Up’ phrase that we all know and love will soon be coming to an end. As a part of its ongoing efforts to increase engagement on Instagram Stories, Instagram has announced the removal of the ‘Swipe-Up’ feature and the introduction of a new one: ‘Link’ stickers. According to Instagram, this update will begin rolling […]

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How Apple’s iOS 14 Update Will Impact Web Advertisers

Yet another policy is being implemented across Facebook for advertisers everywhere. With the rapid and exponential growth of digital advertising and data tracking, Facebook has been taking strides over the years to cater its platforms towards both consumers and businesses. Now, with Apple’s iOS 14 Update, which shines a light on App Tracking Transparency, Facebook […]

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Facebook Removes 20% Text Restrictions for Paid Ads

For years, Facebook’s 20% text restrictions have been a thorn in the side of social media advertisers and graphic designers everywhere. On September 7, 2020, Facebook announced they will no longer be penalizing ads with higher amounts of image text. There is no better time than in the year 2020, for Facebook to remove its […]

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Top NJ Food Blogs You Should be Following

If you’re from New Jersey then you know we take pride in all of the flavor our state has to offer. We just can’t keep quiet about it. We publish, review, and post about recipes, restaurants, bars, and beer. It’s how we share what we love! And it’s how these Jersey-proud food-lovin’ publications add even […]

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Understanding Facebook’s Special Ad Category for Real Estate Advertisers

In August of 2019, Facebook officially rolled out its Special Ad Category update within Facebook Ads Manager, which restricts ad targeting options for any account running ads related to credit, employment, or housing. The purpose of this new ad category is to help advertisers avoid discriminatory practices. Facebook required all advertisers to identify whether or […]

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Yes, Facebook & Instagram are Down… Again.

It’s the day before Fourth of July weekend, and it looks like Facebook’s family of apps are already in vacation mode. And ironically enough, Facebook is relying on Twitter to let its users know about the issues their platforms are having today.   We’re aware that some people are having trouble uploading or sending images, […]

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How We Leveraged Facebook Ads to Generate Qualified Leads For a Luxury Real Estate Brand

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What Facebook’s Recent Updates Mean For Your Social Media Strategy in 2019

No social media platform ever stays the same. Updates are what keep a platform relevant, and Facebook and Instagram are always looking for the best ways to improve user experience. With more and more businesses and brands embracing these new changes, it is crucial that you are optimizing your ad dollars to their full potential. In […]

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