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4 Ways Infographics Can Help Your Medical Practice

Within the medical field, it can be hard for doctors to hold a patient’s interest if an explanation involves jargon that they cannot grasp. While “Acute Viral Rhino Pharyngitis” may sound foreign, in reality, it is something that we’ve all experienced (the common cold). But if those words were transformed into a visual image, like an infographic, […]

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5 Key Tips for Beginner Designers

With various styles of design and different paths one can take, beginning a career or even a hobby in graphic design can be overwhelming. You could prefer to do print work or digital work, focus on websites or designing magazines; the possibilities are endless. While it can be scary to choose one path, pursuing a […]

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5 Major Branding Fails

Giving your company a facelift might be necessary for survival, but that doesn’t mean you have to butcher your image in order to stand out above your competition. Staying relevant is tough – but before you make any drastic changes, be sure to assess what’s working best and what needs improvement. Here are some messy […]

tips for designing a book

Tips for Designing a Book

Hey you! You’re just exploding with ideas, aren’t you? A new story, a great design, a collection of illustrations…but where are you going to put all of this creativity? Well, a printed book is an excellent solution! Years ago, organizing your epiphanies and getting them onto paper would have been a hassle, but nowadays there […]

8 Efficient Tips for Adobe Photoshop CS6

8 Efficient Tips for Adobe Photoshop CS6

1. KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS Learning keyboard shortcuts means less time using your mouse and more time actually designing. You can use the preset shortcuts that come with the program or you can customize the ones you use the most! Go to Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts to set your own shortcuts or change already existing ones to […]

Transition Between Digital and Print Design

Transition Between Digital and Print Design

Marketing is definitely one of the fastest-growing fields around and that means a lot of change has been taking place. What does this mean for graphic designers? Well, with new marketing strategies through social media and user-based advertising there has been a major shift from traditional (print) design to digital. While both print and digital […]

5 Design Tips for Non Designers

5 Design Tips for Non-Designers

At some point or another, even non-graphic designers need to design something. When the time comes to make crucial design decisions, most people don’t really know what they’re doing, so they rely on what looks good to them. Fortunately enough for you non-designers out there, we’ve put together the 5 most important design concepts for […]

Communicating With Your Design Team

Communicating With Your Design Team

Graphic Designers are timid creatures with fragile sensibilities. Approaching them in their natural habitat can be risky business if you are ill-prepared for the oddball communication mishaps or flighty gestures of artistic passion which may ensue. If you have been lucky enough to get close to a design team member, whether by bribing them with […]

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How To Design and Keep Your Sanity

There are a dozen reasons why I love doing graphic design – the first being that I get to do something I love and I’m passionate about every day. (I’m also passionate about wearing pajamas to work but this is for another time.) However, along with all of the perks that come with a great […]

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7 Deadly Sins of Graphic Design

Erring may be human and forgiving, divine, but too many wrongs in the world of design can mean the end of your career as a good designer and the start of your career as…well a bad designer. (Or maybe it might be the end of your career as a designer in general.) However it’s not […]

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