Why Now is the Best Time to Go All In with Digital Marketing

By Tom Ottaiano, CEO, Today’s Business

For the last few decades, digital marketing has continued to emerge and evolve. At first it was just a new way to market, but now it is proving itself as a necessity for businesses everywhere. As CEO at Today’s Business, I’ve seen this transformation accelerate within the past few years, but especially during these past few months. If you haven’t put much effort into digital marketing previously, now is the best time to invest. 

Why Digital Marketing is So Important

Digital marketing has become the way of the marketing world. It reaches people where they are spending their time and money, giving companies a higher chance of making a sale or getting a new lead. It allows for the opportunity to be personalized to each consumer, making it more likely to maintain lifetime customers. Having real-time stats and data makes it easier to analyze what is working, what is not, and take the appropriate actions moving forward. Not only this, but it gives smaller businesses a step upleveling out the playing field against larger corporations. From websites and email marketing to various social media platforms, if you are not marketing online you are being left behind.

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How Digital Marketing Has Evolved During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Since the breakout of the COVID-19 pandemic, the way users interact online has transformed. For example, according to Social Media Today, people are spending 20% more time on apps during the lockdown. I’m sure these numbers have and will continue to increase during these times. While stuck at home, individuals are looking for new ways to connect with others and are becoming more reliant on digital services. With the way our lifestyle has changed, it is very likely that consumers will come out of this with very different values, priorities, and, therefore, spending habits. It is up to businesses to do the research and adapt to the consumers’ ever-evolving needs.

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Digital Marketing Moving Forward

The world has taken another great leap in the digital direction and, with that, so has marketing. Traditional marketing will no longer create the optimal return on investment businesses need to stay afloat. Moving forward, businesses will need to respond with informed strategies and updated customer profiles if they want to succeed in a post-COVID world. The best way to accomplish this is through digital marketing.

While this time has been challenging for businesses, it also leads to great opportunity. At Today’s Business, we understand the digital realm. Offering services in Social Media Management, Affiliate Marketing, Website Development & Maintenance, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and more, we have the knowledge and tools needed to lift our clients up out of these difficult times. Contact Today’s Business to learn more about our team and how we can utilize digital marketing to transform your business.