Question Hub: Who’s it for and How to Use it

What is the Google Question Hub Tool?

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Google Question Hub is a Google-developed platform focusing on the unanswered questions asked on the internet. Google organizes information to find the most relevant results for each user’s search query. If there is no content available, Question Hub collects unanswered questions to identify content gaps that are online. This allows digital marketers to use these insights to create better content for their audience. 

How Does Google Question Hub Work?

Google Question Hub collects unanswered search queries to help you find relevant questions to your industry. You can search for a particular term or topic and Google will show you all the questions related to those key terms and subjects that people have not answered yet. You can use these questions to create richer content and to track your impact to see if your content helped your users. 

Google is giving access to 100 questions at once from multiple categories. Once you have selected the list of questions that are most relevant for you to answer, you can export those questions to a CSV file. If you do not wish to export the entire list of questions, you can easily star mark the ones you deem important and come back to them later. The starred questions can be found in a separate tab on the left side of your screen when you check back on them. 

There is also an Add Questions button, which takes you to the section where you need to add questions related to your key term or subject. If you want to find all the questions added, there is a tab called Questions you can access. In the platform there is also a History button where you can look at the previously gathered questions from the Google Questions Hub. If you need to change the language, update your email address, or delete your account, there is a settings option in the platform as well that lets you easily manage your account.

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Why Should You Use Google Question Hub Tool?

Google Question Hub is a great tool for bloggers, writers, and strategists looking to increase their audience. It speeds up looking for valuable content users want answers to. Your work for creating articles will become much easier with having access to hundreds of questions relevant to your industry. You’ll be able to gain some great rankings and prime real estate on the first page of Google to enhance your search visibility. 

Content Marketing Experts at Today’s Business 

At Today’s Business, we strongly recommend using Google’s Question Hub tool to enhance your content marketing efforts moving forward. Our SEO strategists develop articles and valuable blog content using Question Hub to gain more users to our client’s websites and boost your online presence. Our experts will work with you to develop a content strategy that takes your company to the next level. Contact us today to see how our strategists can help you!