Website Development
& Maintenance

Responsive Website Design and Development


If your company doesn’t have a website yet, we can tailor one to the way you interact with your audiences online. We will design the website to align with your business needs and educate you on how to properly maintain the website.

At Today’s Business your website will be tailored to the way you interact with your audiences online, as well as a website that is easy to use and fulfills your business goals.

Website Hosting

Website Hosting

In order to provide a better end product for our clients, Today’s Business has invested into becoming the best hosting company for WordPress websites. By hosting your website with us, you will receive the following:

– One year of professional grade hosting.
– CDN for lighting fast file access which greatly increases server speed load times.
– SSL – With our contract we get access to free SSL so clients who fill out forms or submit any of their personal info will be secure and inaccessible to third party software, maleware, or hackers.
– Personal Server – We now host on our own server with WP Engine, which means we don’t share the same IP address with sites that could be more prone to blacklisting issues and email drop issues.

Search Engine Optimization

Fully Integrated CMS

All of our clients’ sites are seamlessly integrated to a web content management system (CMS) that is customized to fit your needs. This customized CMS will allow you to do everything from updating your blog to changing your online menu, all from one easy spot!

Search Engine Marketing

Usability Focused Design

When you place marketers and developers in the same room together, good things tend to happen. That’s what we do to kick-start the website development process. We discuss and decide on things like page names, formatting, button location, shopping cart implementation, color palates, and imagery. Our creatives have the abilities to place themselves in your target demographic and think about what they would want in the perfect website, and the developers bring them back down to Earth with what is achievable and what isn’t.

Content Marketing

Implementation and Development

Once our developers have a final blueprint in hand, they get to work crafting the website. From HTML5, to Java and Flash, our developers work quickly and with pinpoint accuracy. They’ll always follow the best SEO practices while building the website to ensure that you have the proper set-up to monitor your traffic and search engine results in the future.

All written content for the website is created by our in-house content team. They make sure that content is clear, focused on proper keywords, and written in a tone that best represents the brand.