5 Apps You Need to Download Right Now

With so many incredible apps out there, it can be difficult finding the right one to meet your needs. Use this guide to determine which apps should definitely be on your smartphone right now.


Timehop has been around for little while but it’s still an awesome app to download if you haven’t already. Have you ever wondered what you posted on social a year or 2 years ago to the day? Well you’re in luck! Timehop connects with all your social platforms and lets you know exactly what you posted on this day in the year past. It brings up memories that you may have forgotten and gives you the ability to share them with your friends.





Like getting your news but hate the hassle of having to go to different outlets to get it? Say no more with Flipboard! Flipboard gathers content based on your unique interests and compiles it on a really neat digital platform.  Think of it like your own personal magazine!


Having trouble sticking to a budget? Mint helps you keep detailed accounts of your personal finances. It tracks all your financial accounts as well as the money you earn and spend. I am always on the go, so having an app that lays out all of my finances will do wonders for my own budget. It’s great for any age, especially young adults looking to save money to move out and buy a house, or families who want to keep track of what they’re earning and spending.


While on the topic of money, paying someone back has never been any easier. With Venmo, users are able to send and receive money from their friends. You want to split a cab, share the dinner tab, or send a gift? Pay your friends back using Venmo. I use it to collect money for my Fantasy sports leagues because I play with people across the country. So, using Venmo is great for us to make sure everyone pays up!


We all have trouble staying on top of our fitness goals. Using an app is great way to keep you organized. MyFitnessPal helps you count your calories. Therefore, it lets you know how much you’ve eaten as well as how many calories you burn through movement and exercise. The best part of this app is that it has a huge database of food and drinks to choose from, something that we haven’t seen anywhere else. Be sure to check it out if you plan on achieving your fitness goals this year.

There are tons of cool apps out there, so if you have any favorites that are not on this list, please be sure to share them! Keep up with other trends this year by visiting our blog.