5 of Your Favorite Brands That Have Killed It On Twitter

While social media may not have been originally created as a marketing tool for big brands, it has certainly become one. Especially Twitter, because of its immediacy and ability to connect just about anyone in the world. Brands can use their Twitter to contact their customers directly if they’re experiencing an issue, or to alert them of an upcoming event or sale, or my personal favorite, to just be funny and relatable. More and more companies are jumping on the Twitter bandwagon in order to use it as a way to express their brand’s (hilarious) “personality”, rather than just as another platform to sell their product. When a brand figures out how to make the most of their Twitter presence, it’s enchanting to witness.

Although there are tons of brands that have mastered Twitter, these five will go surely go down in history:

5. DiGiorno Pizza (@DiGiornoPizza) Live Tweeting Stuff

DiGiorno has a history of live tweeting sporting events and inserting cheesy (see what I did there?) pizza metaphors into just about every tweet.

 DiGirono Pizza

But they really upped the bar when they live tweeted NBC’s The Sound Of Music Live in 2013. It was a work of art (splattered with marinara sauce and melted mozzarella):

DiGiorno pizza 1

Digirono pizza 2

You can find the rest of DiGiorno’s The Sound Of Music tweets here.

4. Old Spice’s (@OldSpice) Defeat of Taco Bell

Old Spice is a men’s deodorant that tweets things like “As a former T-Rex owner, I cannot stress the importance of housebreaking enough”. They’ve taken the over-the-

top “manly man” thing, ran with it, and refuse to apologize for it. The results are hilarious. But their best moment was when they bested the King of Twitter Wars, Taco Bell with this glorious bit of sass:

taco twitter

Source: https://bit.ly/1MhROzH

3. Charmin’s (@Charmin) Use of #tweetfromtheseat

Charmin is a toilet paper company, and boy, do they make the most of it. Their best/hilarious/most unsanitary moments have been catalogued by using #tweetfromtheseat. Potty jokes may not the most sophisticated type of humor, but Charmin’s whopping 68,000 followers would probably beg to differ.

charmin tweet from the seat

Source: https://bzfd.it/1GIweYX

charmin work bath shudder

Source: https://bit.ly/1P4yiMn

2. Taco Bell’s (@tacobell) Relentless & Hilarious Snark

Taco Bell is known for their quick-witted and snarky responses to customers and other brands. Taco Bell’s “Twitter Wars” make me giddy because they happen so quickly and they’re always executed flawlessly.

taco bell you're

Source: https://huff.to/1kh8n6d


mens humar tweet

Source: https://huff.to/1kh8n6d

They know who their target market is.

1. Oreo (@oreo) and the Famous Super Bowl XLVII Blackout

There was a blackout during Super Bowl XLVII. If you don’t remember it, then a. you were probably drunk, or  you were living on the moon for the entire year of 2013. Oreo had preemptively invested in a 15-person social media team just in case they could jump on anything that happened during the game, and turn it into a marketing opportunity. And jump they did. Early in the third quarter (after Beyonce’s life-altering halftime show), most of the lights in the Superdome went out for 34 full minutes. Oreo’s superstar team of social media gurus created the image below and instantly won the Internet. The tweet has since received well over 15,000 retweets and nearly 7,000 favorites. Does anyone even remember which teams played in that game?* Who cares, Oreo was the real winner.

Don’t worry; they’re just not a one hit wonder. Even if the Blackout Bowl tweet had never happened, Oreo’s feed would still be hilarious. Check it out here. (https://bit.ly/L7Ctub)

dunk in the dark

Source: https://bit.ly/1jPFvEM

*Note: The writer would like to make it known that she’s well aware which teams played in that Super Bowl (The Ravens and The 49ers).