5 Things You Don’t Know about Facebook

Stay in the loop with Facebook’s constantly changing environment! Typically, once you finally get comfortable with one change Facebook makes, they are switching it up and adding new things leaving you behind in a scramble, constantly trying to learn.

1. GIFs Direct

Facebook has finally created the possibility to directly upload GIFs. It’s about time, isn’t it? GIFs have become such a large part of daily life, from scrolling through your newsfeed looking at what other people share to following different accounts, or just looking for a good laugh throughout the day. As of now, this direct upload feature is only applicable for desktop users and not mobile, hopefully Facebook with be able to make that happen soon.

To upload a GIF all you need to do is click on the photo/post option and attach a GIF. Once Facebook has uploaded your GIF you will get a notification that your video has been uploaded, just like you do when you post photos or other video content. Just keep in mind when posting that Facebook does have preferential treatment toward videos, so you are probably best posting a video than a GIF. But now it is all up to you!


2. Adding More to Your Bio

Do you run your own Page or manage a Page to promote yourself or your company? Now you have the ability to attach them in your Facebook Profile Bio. Facebook is testing this new feature to see if it pulls more attention toward your pages. It may seem ineffective at first but it will provide an additional way for people to be able to find your Page and see what you do.

3. Avoiding and Banning Fake News

Starting on July 17th you will no longer be able to edit and change headlines/images when posting a link to Facebook. I am sure that many Page users are very upset with this news, but Facebook users will no longer be misled by spammers. Facebook explained that, “We understand that many publishers have workflows that rely on overwriting link preview metadata to customize how their content appears to audience on Facebook. We’re committed to a solution that supports them.” From hearing this bit of news should put Page users at some ease. Keep in mind that there is still the ability to use different variations of such info in paid ads.

4. Making Events Easy

If you like planning, you’re definitely going to want to check this out. Being an event manager on Facebook can become quite difficult when it comes to sharing your event, but Facebook has made changes to make the life of an event manager a lot easier, in both Newsfeed and Messenger. You will now be able to schedule out reminders to share your event’s information.

5. Get Notified when it goes LIVE

Your Facebook Live-Stream is going to get more views very soon. Now Facebook has given Live-Streaming the attention it needs by sending out notifications. It is not only a notification, but also a preview to what is being streamed. Facebook loves it’s video content and wants to provide Page followers the chance to see what is going on so they aren’t just clicking into the unknown. Facebook’s goal with this addition is to prompt you to want to watch more.

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For now, that is the latest and greatest with Facebook’s constant and rapidly changing environment. To keep up-to-date make sure to check in with our TB blogs weekly!