6 Tips to Engage Your Restaurant’s Customers on Social Media

A successful online marketing campaign does not stop at creating quality content. By increasing engagement on your page, you are building relationships with new and old customers, which leads to more business. In order to keep your customers engaged on all Social Media platforms, it’s crucial to follow these practices:

Brag About Your Specials

wine wednesday

Do you have the best happy hour in town? Or maybe a pricing special on certain menu items one night out of the week? Brag about it on your Social Media platforms! If your specials are popular, your Facebook fans will engage with your posts to tell you how much they love your “Wine Wednesday Special.” It helps to have a custom graphic created!

Make It a Night to Remember

Everyone loves good food, but let’s face it, a lot of restaurants have delicious dishes. So how can you stand out against your competitors on Social Media? Instead of talking just about the food, talk about the one-of-a-kind experience your customers will have by frequenting your restaurant! It will remind your loyal customers why they choose your establishment, and they will help boost engagement by commenting with their personal experiences.


One of the most successful ways to increase engagement on all Social Media platforms is through contests and giveaways. The more giveaways you have, the more likely people will return to your Social Media platforms in hopes that they can win something sweet. Contests can be simple, such as asking your Facebook fans to like and comment on a post, or you can encourage your followers to be a bit more creative, like asking them to take a photo enjoying their favorite dish at your restaurant. The bigger the prize, the more your fans will be willing to do! Calandra’s Bakery and Restaurants’ Facebook page successfully runs contests that drive engagement, where the winners receive prizes ranging from discount coupons to tickets to watch local sports teams in action.

Trivia Tuesdays

Trivia Tuesdays are a great idea to keep your customers engaged! Offering a weekly prize will encourage your fans to not only engage on your posts, but also stay up to date with your content in hopes that they can win next week. Be sure to keep the trivia questions relevant to your type of restaurant!

Ask Your Fans


A great way to involve your fans across all Social Media platforms is simply by asking them questions! When crafting the perfect question, keep them positive, open-ended, and appealing. Keep in mind that certain kinds of questions generate more engagement and activity than others. Asking your customers can also help you find out what they would like to see in your restaurant. Use the answers you receive to your advantage, as this will increase the number of people coming through your restaurant’s doors.

Encourage your Customers to Send in Photos


Featuring images on all platforms that are sent in by your customers is a great way to promote engagement. If users see pictures that they have submitted, chances are they are going to share that post with their friends. People love posting images of their meals; #instafood has over 36 million posts on Instagram! Creating a hashtag specific to your restaurant will make it easier to keep track of all the images your customers submit.


It’s important to remember that many potential customers are turning to Social Media for more information about your restaurant. The practices above are just a few tips to help boost engagement across all platforms. Do you have any tips? Comment below and share them with us!