7 Instagram Accounts That Will Enrich Your Life

Disclaimer: while I truly believe following these accounts will drastically change your life, this is completely based on my OPINION. No facts whatsoever. But if it helps make my case, I do spend 60% of my day on Instagram. Some might even call me an expert. Most wouldn’t. Hoping you all are the few who would, though.

I could scroll through Instagram all day. Literally a full 24 hours. After an hour or two, I’d probably have to do some thumb exercises and hand stretches, but honestly, I completely believe I could do it. Most people would say that that’s an enormous waste of 24 hours–but those people are WRONG. Instagram can be magical and inspiring and even kind of educational–if you’re following the right accounts. Here are my top seven Instagram accounts you need to follow right now.

The 7 Best Instagram Accounts to Follow

1. National Geographic (@natgeo)

Nothing can make someone appreciate life more than witnessing the majesty of nature. Not very outdoorsy? Perfect! When you follow National Geographic’s Instagram account, you don’t have to untangle yourself from that Snuggie you’re wrapped up in to enjoy photos of some of the most incredible places, animals and cultures on planet Earth.


2. Karan B. (@sendingstache)

While there are thousands of incredible nature photographers on Instagram, Karan B. is the real deal. This guy is an incredible nature photographer and not one of those mediocre photographers who masquerade as incredible photographers (sneakily using filters and whatnot). He pairs his stunning photos with slightly absurd or silly captions, which create this wonderful bit of unexpected juxtaposition (see below). He’s truly mastered his own quirky art form. It grabs your attention and makes you pause for just a moment. You’ll never mindlessly scroll past one of his photos!


3. Emily Blincoe (@emilyblincoe)

Emily Blincoe’s account is an artistically crafted mash-up of all the best things about Instagram: travel photography, photogenic dogs, and (slightly obsessive) color coordination. You have to follow her to get the full effect!


4. Vitaliy Raskalov (@raskalov)

Sometimes we need a reminder of how small and insignificant we are to keep us grounded. Vitaliy Raskalov is an “urban climber,” which means he scales massive skyscrapers rather than mountains, and his Instagram account is filled with the jaw dropping images from his climbs (along with other travel photography, as well). His bio simply reads: “Throw away your brilliant career and start living! #ontheroofs!”. Enough said.


5. NASA (@nasa)

If Vitaliy Raskalov’s account doesn’t successfully make you feel small and insignificant in this massive world, try NASA’s instead.


6. Humans of New York (@humansofny)

No list of all-time best Instagram accounts is ever complete without Humans of New York. If you haven’t heard of this wildly popular account, photographer Brandon Stanton has photographed thousands of people (mostly based in New York, but he has done series in other parts of the world), and uses the caption under every photo to tell their stories. Humans of New York is guaranteed to make you appreciate humanity again.

image04 1

7. The Dogist (@thedogist)

The Dogist is basically Humans of New York for dogs. This guy doesn’t just take photos of dogs, he takes portraits of them. Each one gets a short snippet or bio in the caption (given by the owner), telling you a little bit about the pup in the picture, so you can truly appreciate them for more than their adorable little faces and big curious eyes. You get to learn what makes each one unique!


Disagree with any of the accounts on this list? Let me know!