Facebook for Foodies

Want to spice it up in the kitchen? You don’t need a recipe book or have to sit in front of the TV and follow the Food Network for inspiration! As you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed, you may have started to see short cooking videos or recipes that make you want to stop what you’re doing and head to your kitchen. This shouldn’t come as a surprise though; social media is being used by our favorite food brands who want to share with us what they are about.

The Power of Food Videos on Facebook

Facebook is one of the best platforms for foodies who are looking for pictures and videos of short and easy recipes they can try. According to an article about the Top Facebook Creators, some of the most watched videos are related to food. With over 5.4 billion views on Facebook videos in August 2016, many of these videos were about food or delicious recipes. In fact, BuzzFeed has said that food and drink is one of the most engaged topics that they create video content about. Video also contributes to more than 50 percent of BuzzFeed’s total revenue.

So what pages should you follow for the best foodspiration? While there are so many with finger-licking recipes to choose from, below are my favorite seven pages I go to for inspiration in the kitchen. By watching just a few of their short videos, I can bet that you’ll be whipping something up in the kitchen in no time!

The Best 7 Facebook Pages to Follow for “Foodspiration”

7. The Food Network

Coming in at #7 is the Food Network. You may watch it on TV, but Facebook makes these recipes simple, fast and easy! With recipes for dinners, snacks and desserts, there will be plenty of posts on their Facebook feed that will leave you inspired to try something different every night of the week!

6. Taste of Home

Have you recently moved away from home and are missing those home cook meals you used to enjoy? I have a solution for you! Follow Taste of Home on Facebook and you’ll never miss being at home again. Well, maybe you’ll still miss home but having a home cooked meal can help make you feel better! Best part about this page is that you can submit your home recipes and everyone can enjoy your favorite dishes. Which one will you be trying?


5. Eating Well

Sometimes eating healthy can be boring. That can all change once you like Eating Well on Facebook! Already being well known with their magazine and website, their social media is also a great resource for deliciously healthy recipes. Add some style to your meals and your days of dull eating will be in the past!

4. Bon Appétit Magazine

Can’t decide what to make for dinner? Get ready to become a professional chef by following Bon Appétit Magazine. Once you scroll through this Facebook page, you’ll be drooling over their amazing recipes!


3. Tastemade

Bringing in my top three, we have a tie between Tastemade and Tastemade Español. These two pages are my go to pages for different recipe ideas! You wouldn’t believe how amazingly delicious the meals are once you make them. If I’m in the mood for Spanish food, Tastemade Español has many innovative ways I can spice it up. Tastemade has a little bit of everything whenever I am looking for inspiration!

2. BuzzFeed Food

There’s no recipe you shouldn’t try on BuzzFeed Food! Their easy to make recipes are perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a yummy snack or for the perfect dinner for a date night, you can find just what you’re looking for on their page!

1. Tasty

Taking the top spot is of course my favorite page, Tasty! Now before you follow this page, I am warning you: once you see their foods you will instantly be hungry! After one look at their page, it will be easy to see why they have over 70 million likes on Facebook.


Now that you’ve stepped up your Facebook game, be sure to follow our favorite food accounts on Instagram!