The 10 Best Photobombs of 2015

Before we dive into the best photobombs of the past year, can you tell me when the first photo was bombed per se? Yeah, me neither; however, according to a quick Google search, it could be this photo taken by Mary Dillwyn in 1853…

Photobomb 1

Image Source

Just look at that old-school photobomb…classic.

I’d love to go on about the history of photobombs but that’s not why you are reading this. So without further adieu, here are my top 10 photobombs of 2015.

#10: (Because who starts a Top 10 with #1?)

Photobomb 2

(Instagram/ lauragardnerlives)

You’ll see many more animals crack the Top 10 photobombs of 2015. This is just the first of many. I don’t understand how animals have a knack for photobombing, but this horse definitely twisted its head at an incredibly awkward almost 90 degree angle in perfect time for the picture.



Photobomb 3

(Instagram dwreck_214)

Okay, I’m sorry. How does something like this ever get posted? I mean, it’s great for the topic of this blog but clearly the goal of this person was to take a photo of their outfit and all of a sudden, Godzilla photobombs the picture. I don’t know about you but the second I check to see how the photo came out, I would delete it instantly. I’m not trying to have any nightmares over a photo.


Photobomb 4

(Reddit: JAHNEEEE)

Anytime you get a chance to photobomb a celebrity (or celebrities in this case), you have to go for it. Actor Ian Somerhalder and wife/actress Nikki Reed chose the wrong camera angle for this one but you have to give credit where credit is due. Great photobomb, dude.


Photobomb 5


To be honest, I wasn’t sure if this should’ve been in the top 5 or not in at all. I get the fact that the sidewalk might have been the only place to ride your bike but did you have to ride right in front of the wedding photographer? The look of “I didn’t mean to get in the way of the picture but still want to photobomb it” made this my #7.


Photobomb 6

(Imgur THATGUY9211)

I LOVE this photobomb. As a guy who loves to have fun and doesn’t always take things serious, I can appreciate this awesomeness (although I’m sure my girlfriend wouldn’t approve). I’m not sure how this guy’s wife felt about him after the photos came out but this photobomb gets an A in my book. JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE!


Photobomb 7

(Instagram a_vesper)

This is what I call a multi-tasker, a pro’s pro. Suit game strong and photobomb game even stronger. This gets the #5 spot because who can focus on their job and take the time to scout out the surrounding area to photobomb? I know I certainly couldn’t do that. Great work all around by this guy. Rock on!


Photobomb 8


If I was ranking the Top 10 stories behind a photobomb, this is far and away my #1 choice. As 8-year-old Joshua smiles for the camera, his dad who was deployed overseas in Kuwait, pops out from behind the backdrop to photobomb. The photographers call Joshua over to see if he liked the photo and noticed his dad in the background. While still confused as to how his dad got there, the photographer tells Joshua to turn around. A truly heartwarming story and a clever photobomb idea. Watch the full encounter here.


Photobomb 9


Just call me Abraham Lincoln. I never tell a lie. I said more animals would be in the Top 10 photobombs of 2015 and here another one is. This is the best photobomb involving dogs and gets the #3 spot. The look on that husky’s face says it all… “Oh boy! I know I’m crazy! This is what happens when my owner gives me some green drank!” I think the blue-eyed stare also played a role in getting into the Top 3.


Photobomb 10

(Imgur fitzvonschweetz)

MORE ANIMALS! I looked long and hard and couldn’t find another animal photobomb any better than this one. The timing is perfect and clarity of the turtles face is incredible. I even think it was trying to smile for the photo. Let’s be real for a moment, you couldn’t get this close to a turtle if you spent a full day at your local zoo. Mad props to this turtle. Photobomb grade: A+.



The moment you’ve all been scrolling for…

Photobomb 11

(Imgur WatermelonPOWAH)

In the 1990’s kids said the darndest things but in the year 2015 they do the darndest things. What was going to turn out to be your average cute picture of your child turned into the photobomb of the year! If this was a grownup photobombing, it would be quite obscene and pretty disturbing, but since youngins don’t know any better, it makes it that much more funny and cute. Photobomb grade: A++++.

I hope you enjoyed scrolling through and reading my (hopefully) witty remarks. If this blog made you laugh at least once, then I consider it a booming success. If you have a blog and want to make it a booming success, consider reading Recipes For Business Blogging Success. Or if you think you spend too much time on Social Media, find out if you are addicted to social media.