When it Comes to Social Media, Corgis Are King

This majestic creature is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi:


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If you have an Instagram account, then you’ve definitely seen that loaf-of-bread body and teddy bear face many times before. Corgis have made their way into our hearts and Instagram feeds a couple years ago, but the obsession is growing stronger everyday.

Corgis have always been well-known for being associated with the Royal Family (especially the Queen), but social media has taken their popularity to a whole new level. In fact, in 2015, a study found that corgi registration in the UK rose 54%, which was credited to the breed’s newfound fame on Instagram.


Why Instagram Loves Corgis

So what’s so great about these fluffy doggy-dwarves? People love underdogs, and corgis are just that. Without their human counterparts, they just simply could not survive in the wild. Corgis have been bred to be adorable domestic companions, but completely impractical for just about anything else. Technically, they are considered a herding breed, but due to their dwarf-like stature, they aren’t the ideal the working dog. Their rise to fame could be credited to a number of things:

With little chunky drumstick legs, they adorably trot at about half a mile an hour. 


Their comically big ears are good for hearing when someone opens a fresh bag of treats.


Their oddly long and stumpy bodies can double as an ottoman if needed.


With wide eyes and a perpetual smile, they are constantly showing their dopey, oblivious enthusiasm.


But their most fabulous asset has to be their fluffy, nearly tail-less butts. If you Google “corgi butts” you’ll stumble upon lists of the best corgi behinds on Instagram, entire blogs dedicated to them, and videos of their suspiciously buoyant booties floating in water. Because their backsides are comprised of mostly air, they seem to float. It’s both bizarre and fantastic.



Top Corgi Instagram Accounts to Follow

Corgis are just the epitome of cute. They’re good natured, always smiling and extremely photogenic–making them the perfect Insta-breed. They’re also a fan favorite on Buzzfeed, which is known to create some of the most viral content on the Internet. The powerhouse strength and reach of Buzzfeed, along with the sheer number of corgi-based Instagram accounts, have been able to turn these lil fuzz nuggets into a social media phenomenon.

Can’t get enough corgis? Completely understandable. Here are some of the most monumental and exalted corgis on Instagram. Throw them a follow. You won’t regret it.

1. @maethefluffycorgi

Can’t. Handle. The. Fluff.


2. @tibbythecorgi

50% lion. 50% corgi. 100% fuzz nugget.


3. @ralphthecorgi

This handle is misleading because the account features TWO corgis: Ralph and his brother George. And it’s absolute magic.


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