Yes, Facebook & Instagram are Down… Again.

It’s the day before Fourth of July weekend, and it looks like Facebook’s family of apps are already in vacation mode.

And ironically enough, Facebook is relying on Twitter to let its users know about the issues their platforms are having today.



It seems as though these types of issues have become the new normal for Facebook and its family of apps: Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Let’s break this down real quick.

In January, Instagram crashed and was completely inaccessible for hours. In March, Facebook was down due to a ‘Server Configuration Change‘. Then, about a month later, the family of apps crashed yet again (if you’re counting, this is the third major outage in 2019). So, here we are again in July with yet another Facebook outage!

While waiting for Facebook and Instagram to get it together, we checked out Twitter to see what the rest of the social media community had to say about the outage. Hopefully everything is back to business as usual again soon so our social media team can get back to work. But until then, check out our top 3 tweets from the Facebook and Instagram outage!

1. TMZ hit ’em with a “thank u, next.”



2. A mood



3. But really guys… again…



Social Media Updates

Our social media team lives on Facebook and Instagram. When there’s an update, we’re on top of it. And at this rate, we can, unfortunately, expect something like this to happen again in the near future. So, be sure to keep up with our blog for all things social media news, updates, and strategy!