5 Ways to Stay Focused and Motivated Around the Office

A phone call, a nearby conversation, meetings, and daily workload: What do these things all have in common? Each can be distracting when it comes to the office environment, which leads to a lack of motivation. The workplace is full of distractions, but with a few small changes, you can find your focus and motivate yourself to get things done. Here are five small changes you can make today!

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Helpful Tips to Stay Focused at the Office

1. Create A List Of What You Want To Achieve That Day.

This is not necessarily a “to-do” list. While there may be certain tasks associated with your goals for that day, it doesn’t mean you need to create a task list. This list may only have one or two items. Maybe one of your goals for the day is to help a co-worker get better. How do you do that? It’s up to you! Keeping your list in mind will help you find opportunities throughout the day to work collaboratively and to help others within your department. This type of goal can’t simply be added to a “to-do” list, but can be something to you wish to achieve. Having a list of a few goals for each day can help you regain focus in times of mind wandering or a lack of motivation. Focus on what you really want to achieve that day and have a small reminder that will keep you motivated to be a better employee.

2. Have A To-Do List.

But didn’t you just say to have a goal list? How many lists do I need?

To-do lists are a great way to stay focused in the office. Organizing your day is one of the best ways to keep yourself from falling behind on your tasks. At Today’s Business, our day moves quickly and can change in an instant. Having a to-do list can help keep you grounded when the day takes an unexpected turn. Again, this may be only a few tasks, but is the best way to stay organized. Be sure to follow to-do list tips from the pros to help you set realistic goals throughout your day.

3. Take A Break!

When work becomes hectic, sometimes the best way to regain your focus is to step away. You need to be mindful of deadlines, of course, but knowing when to take a quick break can help you meet the deadline under less stress. A small 10-15 minute timeout can be the best medicine when it comes to focus. Give yourself a chance to reorganize your list, get another glass of water (or coffee if it’s that kind of day), and clear your mind. If you’ve been reading the same sentence for 10 minutes and you’re not sure what you’ve read, it may be time to take a breather.

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4. Change Your Environment

Sitting in one place for too long can add to a loss of focus. Maybe you are constantly interrupted, your neighbor is on a phone call, or you just need a change of scenery. Sometimes you just need a stay-cation from your own desk! At Today’s Business, we have a few different places throughout the office where employees can work away from their desk. Curl up on the couch, head into the back room, or find an empty desk somewhere else in the office. If the weather is nice, take your next phone call outside or schedule a walking meeting with your coworkers. A small change can make all the difference when it comes to refocusing!

5. Ask For Help.

It sounds simple, but can be the most difficult. We all want to think we can do everything on our own. Of course you can, but it doesn’t mean you have to! When your work seems to pile-up or you’re not sure what your priority should be, ask. Talk with your manager or co-workers; you’re all a team and they want to help you succeed! Ask for tips on how to do something better or what task you should tackle first. Your manager is the best person to help you regain focus when it comes to tasks and overall goals for that day. If you’re having trouble staying focused or motivated, give someone else your list for the day and tell them you’re going to check in with them every few hours. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself accountable. Here at Today’s Business, we do our best to foster an environment of collaboration and teamwork. Take advantage of the experience of your co-workers and keep the focus!

Motivation and focus are tough to always keep sharp, especially in an office environment. But by making a few small changes, we can not only improve the way we work each and every day, but we can improve the standard of our work and the work place. Challenge yourself! Small changes lead to big improvements. How do you stay motivated during a difficult day in the office?