How I Became a Menlo Man

6, Five Four.

By Tom Ottaiano, CEO, Today’s Business

This month marks the 6th year that I’ve been a member of the Menlo Club, formerly known as Five Four Club. In 2012, Today’s Business was just taking off and forming its niche in the digital marketing and social media world. Building this company became my world so things such as shopping fell completely by the wayside for me. A clothing subscription service that delivered stylish outfits to my door on a monthly basis couldn’t have been more perfect for me. From the start, TB has always been ready to take over the world, and Five Four was always there to make sure we looked good doing it. Six years later I’m still wearing them and my brand loyalty has only grown stronger.

For the past year, I’ve had the privilege to work with Menlo Club, and it has been a mutually beneficial relationship ever since. As Five Four Club transitioned into Menlo Club (offering three distinct clothing brands), TB grew from a basement to a full service digital marketing agency. We have both come a long way.

Style is not just what outfit you throw on in the morning. It’s so much more than that. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a first impression. It expresses who you are.

Every Lifestyle. Every Routine.

You’re not just one thing to everyone. Every single day you play many different roles. The quality brands that the monthly Menlo Club package curates for you, includes Five Four, Grand AC, and New Republic, and caters to every single one of those roles that you need to show up for.

Every morning, I’m an athlete, pushing myself to the limit at the gym before I even set foot in the office. Grand AC athleisure wear is always what I reach for. Nothing can beat their streamlined fit and versatile pieces of clothing.

When I get to the office, I’m the CEO. I have a company to run and I want to feel my best. From Five Four jackets and shirts to New Republic shoes and socks, I’ll always know that I’m making a great first impression with the clothes that I choose to put together.

When I’m being a husband and father, comfort is my number one priority and Five Four has always been my go to. Everything within the brand is essential for those who want that comfortable yet cool style.

Be Bold.

For all of those game time moments, you need to put on your uniform. You can’t expect great results if you don’t feel great. Feeling great starts with looking great. I like knowing my uniform arrives on my doorstep like clockwork every month. And ever since I retired from the gridiron, there’s only been two numbers I’ll wear on my back: Five Four.

Always dress like you’re about to do something great. Always dress like you’re going to go out and change the world. Your look makes the first impression before you even get a chance to open your mouth. Dress accordingly.


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