Become a Part of the Team: Working at Today’s Business

By Tom Ottaiano, CEO, Today’s Business

Team Oriented Environment

At Today’s Business, we’re all in it together. We are not just a workplace of employees trying to get through the day. We are a team working towards both individual and collective goals. My ultimate goal is to foster the type of working environment where everyone knows they are a valued member of a close-knit team. What you accomplish matters. The work you do has purpose.

Everyone has a role, and every single role is important to the operation. When you work at Today’s Business, you get the opportunity to collaborate with your team members in a productive and creative way.  

Here at TB, everyone is like family. When you join the #TBTeam, you get to be a part of something bigger. Chaz, Billy and I founded Today’s Business in 2011 as great friends, and that mentality trickles down to the rest of the company. We are a team that became a family.

There are so many benefits to working at Today’s Business, these are just the tip of the iceberg:

  • The opportunity to be yourself
  • Take ownership for your own work without micromanagement
  • Hard work and hustle doesn’t go unnoticed
  • Become a part of a family
  • Great perks that make life easier and the workday go faster

Opportunity to Learn and Grow

If you’re the type of person with the desire to grow in your position, expand into other roles and take on new and exciting projects, then you would thrive here. Everyone at Today’s Business is highly motivated and ready to take full ownership for their work.

Someone who is a great fit for a role here at Today’s Business is someone who wants to learn and is willing to hustle every single day they step into the office. There is no ceiling on what you can achieve within this company. You are not limited to the position that you start out in. We put a great emphasis on career development in both the short term and the long term. Whatever direction you want to go in your career at Today’s Business, we can get you there.

Team education has always been a priority. Every month, we have a half day full team meeting. It is designed to educate and provide value for each employee, as well as give an opportunity to step away from your desk, interact with the team and participate in hands-on activities that will teach you actionable skills.

Great Workplace Culture: The TB Advantage

I could sum up the company culture here at Today’s Business in four words: work hard, play hard. We put an emphasis on hard work, meeting deadlines and providing the best results for our clients, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have fun.

Team bonding events are a huge focus for us when it comes to company culture. Every month, our team bonding committee meets and chooses a different team bonding event for the whole team to attend. They do an amazing job planning happy hours, summer nights at Pier 13 in Hoboken, Dave & Buster outings and so much more. The TB Advantage doesn’t stop at team bondings. Every Tuesday and Wednesday, everyone gets to enjoy a full lunch spread catered by Calabria Restaurant and Pizzeria.

Work/life balance is important. Another initiative that we started was continuing the tradition of summer Fridays into the rest of the year. Everyone gets to have a weekend that starts at 2:30 pm every Friday. Employee input is a big part of why changes like these happen. The leadership and management team here at Today’s Business puts a huge emphasis on feedback because we want to make sure that everyone is happy in their place of work.

The perks we make available at Today’s Business are designed to cultivate indispensable value for every single person who works under our roof. You don’t find that kind of value every day.

Want to join the #TBTeam?

If you’re a motivated self-starter with the unquenchable desire to succeed and become a part of something amazing, a career at Today’s Business might be what you’re looking for. Don’t be afraid to reach out and tell us why you think you should be the newest member of our team:

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