The Top 5 Sports Blogs Ranked by Fan Loyalty

At Today’s Athletes, we’ve interacted with thousands of fan pages and team blogs. People often ask us “Who has the most loyal fans?”. From our experience, a few have stood out from the crowd. Check out the list below to see how Today’s Athletes ranks the top sports blogs by fan loyalty.

1. Russian Machine Never Breaks (RMNB)

RMNB, Russian Machine Never Breaks

Why they ranked #1: If you need to know anything about the Washington Capitals, Ian Oland’s blog RMNB is the place to go. Ian has created a digital mob for all things Capitals, with Alex Ovechkin at the helm. Whether it be player updates, game analysis, or fan interaction, RMNB is a pure example of sports journalism. RMNB was a no-brainer for the top spot as we’ve seen the power of their platform first hand when they helped sell out of their Alexander Ovechkin bobbleheads in less than 2 days.

2. DK Pittsburgh Sports

dk on pittsburgh sports steelers penguins pirates

Why they ranked #2: On top of having one of the most loyal fanbases in the world, DK Pittsburgh Sports, run by Dejan Kovacevic, is the home for all Pittsburgh teams. On top of hosting live events and podcasts, this team offers an amazing user experience. If you choose to subscribe (which I would highly suggest if you are a Pittsburgh fan), you have access to deals, inside scoops and much more! This team is devoted to putting out fresh, unique, and engaging content. They were the clear #2 as their exclusive content and access has created a very engaged audience from a huge fanbase.

3. Lakers Nation


Why they ranked #3: With Los Angeles Lakers basketball back, Lakers Nation is THE spot to get your Lakers updates. Owned and operated by Medium Large Sports Media, the site utilizes all social channels to reel in their fanatical audience. Whether you want rumors of trades or hot-take filled discussions of Lebron James in LA, Lakers Nation is where you need to look. With sports at a halt, this Lakers crowd cannot wait for the season to resume. Lakers Nation earned the #3 spot due to their massive Instagram following (273,000+ followers) and the tremendous engagement they get on their account.

4. Pantone 294


Why they ranked #4: Alex Soto and his team over at Pantone 294 have created an obsessive culture over the Los Angeles Dodgers. This group is the home away from home for the Dodger family, as P294 travels to away games! The annual tradition of traveling to their in-state rival, the San Francisco Giants, is an experience, to say the least. With 700-2,000 people traveling and taking over a section, Pantone 294 documents all things Dodgers for their massive fan base. It was clear that Pantone 294 had to be on this list as they have truly tapped into the Dodgers fanbase and have become more than a blog but a nationwide community.

5. The 7 Line Army

the7linearmy logo

Why they ranked #5: If you are a New York Mets fan, then I am sure you know who The 7 Line Army is. Grabbing the #5 spot for fan loyalty seemed obvious. These fans travel in packs and take on away teams such as Phillies, Nationals, Pirates, and even show up out in Oakland!  On-site, you can buy merchandise, read-up on organizational news and keep up to date on all team-related rumors.

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