How Industries Are Adjusting to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic outbreak has permanently changed how the entire world operates. Every single business, employee, and customer is striving to adjust accordingly to keep their businesses alive, and finding new ways to cater to and accommodate their customers. In approximately 200 countries worldwide, there have been over 500,000 cases of COVID-19, and these numbers continue to grow daily. The good news is that we live in a time where advanced technology is easily accessible and beneficial to a wide variety of industries. Continue reading to discover how different industries and businesses are adapting and not letting COVID-19 stop them from operating efficiently.

Brick & Mortar Stores

In order to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the general public has been advised to reduce the size of groups they interact with (which started with no more than 250 people), to 50, and now with the most recent announcement from our President, to avoid groups larger than 10. As a direct result, consumers are heavily relying on delivery services when shopping for products. For instance, even paint stores like Ricciardi Brothers are now letting customers shop for paint and supplies from the comfort of their homes. One way to look at the coronavirus outbreak is how it is bringing about new opportunities for businesses to deliver goods and services to their customers while keeping everyone safe and healthy at the same time.

For several brick and mortar stores, utilizing services such as Amazon Marketplace or eBay can be a quick solution to continue to sell products. If you work in an achievable service area, coordinating a personal delivery service can also create a high value add for your customer base.

Tactics for Brick and Mortar Stores during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Sell products online with delivery services

Currently, it is not safe for many stores to be physically open. However, your store’s online presence provides the opportunity to increase your sales during the COVID-19 pandemic. Searchers are continuing to shop online to get the products they need from the safety of their homes. This will keep your employees and customers safe, while also boosting your sales and revenue for your business.

  1. Amazon Marketplace
  2. eBay
  3. Google Merchant Center

Use Google My Business features for Corona Virus


GMB can inform your customers of your business’s hours, address, posts, photos, phone number, reviews, products, as well as posts which can provide important COVID-19 updates to the consumer.

Engage with your customers on social media

Many of your customers may turn to social media to gain information about your business during COVID-19. Therefore, it is important to update and post your business on social media platforms to promote your product, services, or even if your business is still open!

Medical Industry

The medical industry is likely the most directly affected by the coronavirus pandemic – for obvious reasons. But thanks to telemedicine, patients can have a successful appointment with their doctor without leaving their homes. Telemedicine is a simple process where modern technology lets physicians who practice in a variety of fields meet with their patients through a two-way video call, whether it takes place on their smartphone or computer. This provides a convenient and safe experience for both the doctor and the patient, especially during this current time. Telemedicine is used for speaking about symptoms, providing prescription refills, and conducting follow-up appointments, and it is a preferred option for many when a physical office visit is not necessary. 

Discover the most up to date information, as well as resources available for hospitals and health system leaders related to telehealth, telemedicine, and virtual care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Caregiving Industry

Coronavirus is more serious for people around the age of 65 and older. With older adults being at a higher risk, the caregiving industry has had to make some adjustments because of limitations from the pandemic. Caregiving apps with monthly subscriptions for elder care have been extremely helpful during this time. One of the most popular and beneficial apps you can use as a caregiver is eFamilyCare, which is an innovative online tool for all family caregivers. eFamilyCare is an online B2B family caregiving service that connects you with experienced care advisers committed to assisting you in caring for your loved ones. The expert care advisers will help you in creating a personalized program that offers continuous support for your family caregiving. eFamilycare is teaming up with healthcare entities to provide a new way for providers and networks to monitor and communicate with high risk older patients, without the added cost of ER visits or risk of unnecessary exposure.

Listed below are various articles containing practical strategies for health system leadership to consider in support of their physicians and care teams, as well as support and advice for caregivers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. American Medical Association “Caring for our Caregivers During COVID-19”
  2. Alzheimer’s Association “Coronavirus (COVID-19): Tips for Dementia Caregivers in Long-Term or Community-Based Settings”
  3. Tips for Family Caregivers and COVID-19

IT Industry


The information technology (also referred to as IT) industry is continuing to thrive during this intense time. Businesses that are still operating need IT services to continue to help the company grow, as well as solve the IT problems of their clients. Mindcore, which is the leading IT company in the NJ and NY area, recognizes the importance of technology and how it can connect businesses in all areas. Mindcore has extensive experience with supporting technology solutions that are proven to meet the demands of many industries, including medical, financial, architecture, manufacturing, insurance, legal, and more. Essential IT services for any business, such as cloud services, unified communications platforms, virtual CIO, and managed IT services, are still available for connecting and supporting various companies throughout the country.

In a time where employees, executives, and CEO’s are working remotely, the IT industry has never been more significant. Working remotely is also linked to online security risks and less control over your company’s data and devices. 

Discover the tactics to gain and maintain control over your business, as well as reducing security risks while working in a remote location.

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Move Ahead in Digital Marketing with Help from Today’s Business

From brick and mortar stores to the medical and caregiving industries, all businesses are navigating uncharted territory during this pandemic. With that being said, the digital marketing industry is playing a crucial role for many businesses. Your business’s online presence is more essential now than ever. Your business’ website is your number one channel to stay connected to your target market and audience. In order for your business to successfully overcome this coronavirus outbreak, you must incorporate digital marketing into your business strategy. People are searching the internet more now than ever before! 

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