An Account Manager’s Guide to Organization

Account Managers are a company’s direct contact for clients and liaison between them and the rest of their company. Whether its gathering information for a client’s website or juggling requests for the graphic designers, the account manager must be knowledgeable in all aspects of the company and know how to meet the demands of the client. Sounds like a lot right? Well, believe me, it can get pretty hectic! That’s why its crucial to stay organized. Below are some tips and tricks to get you on the right track, stay organized, and conquer your day!

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Set Weekly Goals

Start your week off right with a list of what needs to be done… (and 3 cups of coffee to get over the Monday blues).  Nothing is worse than that overwhelming feeling that work seems to be piling up and not being able to keep track of it. By creating these goals, you are able to stay on top of projects and may even get them done more quickly than you though possible.

Every Project Has A Place

Organizing emails are great ways to stay on track and access information easily and quickly. Sooner than later, you will find that clients will ask you for a piece of information that has to be gathered immediately. Start placing each appropriate client into a folder in your email inbox after you are done completing a task. Do you think we have all day to sit and look through emails?! Not a chance!

Communicate With Different Departments

Without communication, there will be a ton of unanswered questions, slow working projects, and a very angry client. Basically, your job is not doable without it! Make it a point to meet with different departments in your company and discuss what needs to be done, this way everyone is on the same page. Odds are you have promised a client a specific date as to when they can expect to have a service completed, so get everyone on the same team and get it done!

Create Checklists

Now, I know this may sound old school, but creating checklists is one of the easiest ways to stay organized. You can keep checklists when signing on a new client, or to remember details of a campaign that cannot be overlooked. Not only will you stay on top of what needs to get done, but you’ll feel slightly euphoric when checking things and shrinking your workload.

Prepare In Advance

There is nothing worse than waiting until the last minute when hitting deadlines. Dealing with so many different projects, along with other daily tasks throughout the day can make it easy for things to get pushed to the side. Mark dates in your calendar and set reminders so that work doesn’t sneak up on you!

Manage Your Multitasking

Some days (or everyday) it may seem like you’re doing a million things at once. While it’s almost second nature to us to be doing multiple tasks at the same time, try to limit this habit. By diverting your time from one task to another, it could hinder your performance at work. While you may think it’s almost impossible not to multitask, try to set aside specific time in your day especially for projects that need a bit more attention. When you give your mind time to focus on one specific thing, odds are it will be done with greater success!

Learn From Others

Your colleagues at work are the people you see every single day and if you are new to the company, you can already assume they have more experience in what works and what doesn’t. Share ideas and ASK QUESTIONS! Not everyone has the same way to stay organized, but it never hurts to get advice from your fellow co-workers and bosses.

Keep Your Work Space Clean

Now, you may not be like me and need an immaculate desk to function BUT if your workspace is a black hole of paperwork, odds are you’re going to lose your mind at some point. Keep important files in spots on your desk where you know you can easily access them. Filing your documents will save a lot of the clutter, and make life a whole lot easier! (Yes, I am a firm believer in color-coding.)

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Reaching organizational bliss as an account manager can be tough, but also can easily be obtained! No matter what gets thrown your way, there is always a way to tame the craziness. Just be calm, cool, and collected and you’ll conquer every day at the office!