The 13 Best Running Blogs Online

What are the Best Running Blogs?

As the affiliate marketing agency for WOLACO & Grand Running Club, we have been doing a lot of reading and research about running here at Today’s Business. Any time we are doing this in-depth research we typically like to create a document where we can share our thoughts and insights amongst our team. After reading through some of our notes we thought others might be interested in knowing our take on the best running bloggers out there…so…if you are here…that is probably you. If you are new to the running community and are looking for some places to learn where to find running tips, events, product reviews, and more then check out our list below and let us know your thoughts!

1) The Wired Runner

The Wired Runner writes reviews for runners, by a runner. Ben Drew, head runner guy at the site, has been a runner for over 10 years – even opening a full running store. He tests all of the products and makes sure that any review done is consistently thorough and honest, giving the best knowledge in the industry about different products that you may be wanting to try. We at Today’s Business have personally worked with The Wired Runner on a review for our brand WOLACO. Check out his WOLACO review here.

2) iRunFar

Bryon Powell, founder and Editor-in-Chief, made iRunFar to provide people with the best information for trail running and ultrarunning (running longer than a standard marathon). He found himself quitting his DC attorney job, pursuing his passion for the outdoors and trail running, turning it into a job. With a wide variety of gear reviews, race coverage and educational information, it’s hard to not find what you are looking for all things running on one site!

3) RunnersConnect 

RunnersConnect takes a well thought-out & unique approach to training for runners. Their main mission is to take all of the ideas and concepts of different training and evaluate them to see if 1) if it is accurate and 2) should it be applied to the user’s training for what they want to work on. Founder Jeff Gaudette, who has been coaching for 11 years and has a personal record of a 2:22 marathon, strives to connect runners with other runners to create the dynamic of group coaching, customized training, and a sense of community among runners. 

4)  Believe in the Run 

Believe in the Run is made for the people who want to get straight to the point when it comes to running gear reviews. While going into the deep depths and science of how certain shoes work, you will be confident knowing you are getting a thorough trusted review. Founder, Thomas Neuberger, set out on a mission to get everyone to start running and make it easiest with the best gear. With Thomas and his team’s motivation, having the right tools for your running journey is their number one priority. 

5) The Hungry Runner Girl 

The Hungry Runner Girl writes about the reality of being a mom while juggling running, family adventures, love for food, and everything in between. Janae, runner since the age of 12, shares her daily life all while maintaining her pace and love for running. She calls running her ‘me time’ to bring her hope and happiness, as well as strength and many highs, and with her blog you can experience them as well!

6) Run to the Finish 

Following alongside Amanda Brooks, writer of the Amazon bestseller Run to the Finish, certified running coach, certified personal trainer, and has run over 26,000 miles, the main focus of Run to the Finish is to figure out what works and improve what doesn’t work. She talks about the behind-the-scenes of being a runner with the help of the community, showing injury prevention, different useful products and reviews, and everything else under the sun. 

7) Runner’s Blueprint 

To help achieve your running goal all in one place, Runner’s Blueprint has it for you all right in one blog! Starting as a beginning runner in 2007 and starting this blog in 2014, David Dack shares his experience of turning from a running hater to a running lover. From choosing gear, learning about the latest and greatest science in exercising, and preventing an injury to running with a group, spending less time searching the web for running answers is his main goal, all the way from the island of Bali. 

8) Strength Running

Strength Running writes strategies to help runners avoid injuries while running long distances. Jason Fitzgerald, owner and runner himself for over 12 years, has created a community to ensure you are not alone on your running journey. From getting to the right mindset to maintaining the initiative to work, he works to prove you can achieve what you set out to do by running-pain free. With a personal record of a 2:39:32 for the 26.2 mile ​​Philadelphia Marathon and many overall first-place victories, Jason knows his stuff!

9) Runnin’ For Sweets

Maggie’s love for running and love for ice cream combined to create her blog Runnin’ for Sweets. Coming from a family who ran consistently, she hadn’t always had the motivation to start running until right before college. Knowing her obsession for ice cream and the thought of giving it up out of the question, she was determined to stay healthy and fit. From workouts to fitness motivation, she finds the balance of enjoying running (while also being fit) and again, lots of ice cream. 

10) The Run Experience

The Run Experience is a website-turned-app where fitness coaches guide you through a series of fitness level videos with guided runs and plans to reach your running goals. Through Co-Founders ​​Craig Dos Santos and Nate Helming’s injury prevention and recovery routines, the app teaches you how to stay safe and healthy through your training. While Nate trains professional triathletes to runners of all levels and Craig ran most of the large United States marathons, you know you are in good hands.

11) The Mother Runners

The Mother Runners was founded by Whitney Heins with the mission to balance the life of motherhood while staying on top of training for running. Through personal experience and input from other mothers that run, Whitney Heins is able to share the information she wasn’t able to look up when she first had these questions. As a VDOT-O2 certified running coach, a 2:56 marathon runner to being a freelance writer for an expensive list of outlets like The Huffington Post and Runner’s World, Whitney shows how to do it all. 

12) FueledByLOLZ 

As mentioned in the title, this blog is fueled by lots of LOLZ. Swimmer-turned-runner Hollie started off hating running but found a life for it when she was burnt out. Once she was hooked there was no going back. Hollie talks about her experience of starting running and keeping with it, with mixed in food recipes and gear reviews. Her public health background sure helps with explanations, but she learned you need to have fun (and of course..lolz) with your running experience.

13) The Ginger Runner 

Ethan Newberry, otherwise known as The Ginger Runner, is a familiar face with the many different outlets he is linked to. He’s been running since middle school and has only grown his passion for running since. Using his love for distance running, he incorporates it into his music, art, reviews and films laid out on his platforms, in a unique and different way than other blogs. 

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