How to Analyze Competitors for SEO Purposes

A competitor analysis is one of the most important aspects of the SEO process for a campaign and yet it gets overlooked time and time again. Figuring out your exact competitors and getting a better understanding for them will improve your company and your SEO efforts. It gives you insight into what your company’s goals should be from an SEO point of view as well as any areas other companies are outperforming you.

What Are the Benefits of a Competitor Analysis?

Not only can competitor analysis show you what your competitors are doing right, but it can also point out where you need to improve. The competitor analysis allows you to see who is winning the organic visibility between you and your competitors as well as valued keywords and successful backlink strategies. You’ll also get an idea of what strategies are needed to grow within your industry’s rankings. An additional benefit to competitor analysis is that it will show you how you need to improve your keyword rankings.

Identifying Your Competitors

The first step in a competitor analysis is to identify who your top competitors are for analyzing. The best approach is combining your own personal knowledge of competitors as well as researching some online search competition. Understand that the competitor that is in the same town as you is just as important as competing with an organic search competitor a town over.

Backlink Gap Competitor Analysis

The backlink gap competitor analysis is important for SEO purposes because it will tell you the websites that are linking to your competitors but not your website. From here, you can start building a portfolio of websites that you can possibly get a backlink from or create content for. Building new links will eventually increase your domain authority, a key component in improving your rankings.

Keyword Gap Competitor Analysis

Similar to the backlink gap competitor analysis, keyword gap competitor analysis will help identify the keywords that your competitors are ranking for that you are not ranking for. New keywords that you weren’t aware of in terms of value can be discerned, which ultimately can increase your website’s traffic. You should go deeper into your analysis and figure out why these competitors are ranking so well for these words and from here form a strategy of your own.

Deeper Dive into SEO

When you perform a competitor analysis you are taking a deeper dive into your SEO that is necessary if you want to create a successful digital marketing strategy. Competitor analyses allow you to create unique strategies for SEO that can take your company to the next level digitally.

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