How Google Determines Low vs. High Quality Pages

If you own a business that has a website, you want to rank high in Google’s search results. But in order for your web pages to rank high, Google needs to consider them high quality. Back in 2011, Google released their Panda update, which was designed to lower the rank of low-quality or thin sites and reward high quality sites by putting them on the top of search results. If you are able to identify whether a page is high or low quality it can vastly improve your website’s search engine optimization overall. Below we will teach you what to look for to determine if your page is high quality.


What is Considered Quality by Google?

So how does Google measure a quality web page? Some of the traits of a high quality page are more obvious than others.

  • Common Attributes of a High Quality Page

The first and most important part of a high quality page by Google’s standards is to have unique content. Google wants to see  external sources linking to your page. This shows that a lot of people trust it to be a good source of information. It also helps if those pages linking to your page are high quality themselves. Another important feature of a high quality page is that it can effectively answer what the person is searching for on Google.

  • Format and Grammar of Page

One of the major focuses of a high quality page for Google is that all of your content is not only grammatically correct, but also formatted correctly. Be sure to double check your website to ensure there are no spelling errors! Google also likes when pages are well organized. The easier it is to read and understand your content, the higher quality Google will consider your page. Your content should also always point to additional sources for reference and more information; it shows more validity to the content you wrote.

  • Accessibility of Your Page

Another important factor in Google’s decision of what is a high quality page is how accessible it is. In terms of search engine optimization, accessibility means first how fast the page loads. Higher quality pages load fast, no matter what connection or platform it is viewed on. Especially in today’s age, you need to have a website that is both desktop and mobile friendly.


How to Identify if Your Page is High Quality

Now that you know what differentiates between a high quality page and a low quality page, you should know how to identify a high quality page. In order to identify a high quality page, you need to know what measurements point to higher quality. The engagement metrics that you need to identify for a high quality page is total visits and the amount of pages they visit after landing on your website. Don’t forget about your offsite metrics! Keep an eye out to see how many external websites link to your page, as well as the amount of shares on your social media pages. Lastly, you can identify high quality pages with search engine metrics such as indexation, rankings and duplicate content.


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