How to Improve Your Content Marketing Performance

In terms of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, the main focus for years has been building links in order to increase your website’s organic search performance. This focus has changed as of late thanks to content marketing.

SEO isn’t simply link building. In order to see maximum organic success in the SERPs, a combination of different tasks is necessary. People in the SEO industry have started to understand the importance of content marketing, and how it can complement their link building strategies to help boost their organic results. Below, we will get into how you can improve your content marketing performance to help improve your SEO efforts.


Identify Key Performance Indicators

The first step to any successful content marketing campaign is to develop a strategy that will help engage your target audience. In addition to that, you need to identify your key performance indicators, or KPIs. A KPI is a measurable value that shows how effective your company completes different business objectives.

There are three types of key performance evaluators that can help develop your content framework: owned, social, and business. Owned KPIs include the amount of linking domains you have, your domain authority, and analytical data such as time on page and bounce rate. Social KPIs are anything that is shared, liked, tweeted, through social media channels. Business KPIs include anything along the lines of leads, downloads and conversions.


Understand and Create Purposeful Content

In order to create purposeful content, you will need to first establish a connection and relationship with your target audience. You will then need to decide if the content you are writing is to engage your audience or attract a different audience.

To attract and engage your target audience, you need to have content that educates, informs, inspires, helps, rewards, entertains, tells stories, provides solutions and creates experiences and events. After deciding whether you want to engage or attract, you can then begin the ideation process, and also decide whether to create new content or repurpose older content. Remember, you are creating content with a purpose. Not only will it help educate your website visitors, but you want to write content that people want to read and engage with. Try to come up with clever ideas that are related to your industry that also will perform well on social media.

Connect Channels For Engagement

After your key performance indicators are identified, you have a content strategy, a target audience and purposeful content, you will need to connect to your audience across channels for engagement. The most popular approach to this is the OESP approach (Owned, Earned, Shared and Paid). The approach will help identify who, where, what, when and why for your content to create the most possible engagement.

There are three different types of content plans you should choose from. First is larger campaign-based content that serves the purpose of entertainment, storytelling and experience. The second is any content that is designed to increase trust and authority. The last part of your content framework includes any content that is written to educate, inform or provide solutions. In the example below, our client, Illinois Bone and Joint Institute, was able to educate their Facebook fans about the health risks surrounding a wildly popular product (Crocs). This resulted in over 2,000 comments and 3,000 shares on social media.

Change Your Mentality

Since content marketing has changed over the years, your mentality about content marketing also needs to change. Most consumers believe that content created for brands is simply clutter and not meaningful at all. With information like this out there, your company needs to take a more consumer-centric approach to your content to improve business performance.

The best way to do this is to create less content that creates more impact. Consumers will remember and consume your quality content more than your clutter content, which is what you want.


Content Marketing in New Jersey

Looking to improve your company’s online presence? Content marketing and SEO should be two priorities to you. Both of these strategies can help increase exposure and traffic to your your business, which can help increase performance. As a business owner, you may not have enough time to focus on your content marketing on your own. In this case, you should contact professionals in contact marketing to handle this for you.

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