5 Ways to Become Famous on Periscope

Have you ever wondered how some people are able to accumulate tons of new followers and engagement on their social media platforms? Do you wish there was a new and exciting app where you could finally attain fame? Well you are in luck, the social live streaming app, Periscope, has emerged onto the scene. Twitter launched Periscope this past March, and now over 10 million users have registered. Many of your favorite celebrities have already made accounts and have been broadcasting daily. With the app being less than a year old, this gives the average Joe, like myself, a chance to become Periscope famous! In this blog, I have listed five tips that I have learned using the app. These tips will help you enhance your presence on the app, and you will be on your way to Periscope fame!

#1. Create an Account with Twitter

Do you have a strong Twitter following? If so, it is crucial to use your Twitter account to sign in to Periscope before getting started. This will allow you to promote your broadcast to all of your existing followers on Twitter. Periscope allows you to send a tweet including a direct link to your broadcast. More people will be able to tune in if they have the app downloaded onto their phone. Additionally, you can incorporate hashtags into your tweet. Popular hashtags can be very beneficial when seeking new followers. Keep in mind, once your broadcast has ended, the link will only be available 24 hours for replay.

#2. Create an Appealing Title for Your Broadcast

Creating an eye-catching title can certainly make your broadcast stand out amongst others. Make the viewers want to watch your broadcast. Would you want to read this blog if it did not have a compelling title? Most likely not, that is why I chose the name I did. Who doesn’t want to be famous these days?




#3. Interact with Your Audience

When broadcasting live, the broadcaster can see all of the viewer’s comments within seconds. One of the many reasons users enjoyed using Twitter at first, was the ability to get in touch with your favorite sports athletes and/or celebrities and possibly receive a response. With Periscope, you can choose to answer any questions that come in or simply give a shout-out out instantly! This will have the audience engaged with the content and will entice them to watch longer and more often.

#4. Utilize Your Thumbnail

Before you hit the red “Start Broadcast” button, wherever your camera is pointed, will become your thumbnail for that broadcast. Many users on Periscope make the mistake by not optimizing the use of the thumbnail, by aiming the camera towards the ground before they go live. Just like the title of your broadcast, you want to attract the viewers to watch your content. What better way to draw someone in than a picture of the Biebs himself?! A thumbnail of your dirty socks… I don’t think so!


#5. Turn Your Location Services On

When turning on your location services, Periscope users will be able to find your broadcast on the global search even if they are not following you. Of course, you must consider whether you want to provide your location to others before broadcasting. If you choose to do so, users can find you on the map down below, which can certainly help you to gain more viewers. If you were at a concert, sporting event, or on vacation, this would be a great time to showcase your location. Not to mention your friends will be super jealous!

map of north america with numbers in circle

Being famous on a social platform isn’t easy, but if you incorporate these five tips into your broadcasts, they will certainly help you gain followers and increase engagement in no time! Follow me on Periscope @JMoatz and feel free to ask any questions during my broadcasts.

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