Facebook Analytics: What Do You Need to Know

Social Media marketing is changing the way people connect with one another. Facebook helps businesses attract new customers and drive in business.  It is essential for businesses to have a social media campaign in order to start more conversations, bring traffic to their site, and increase brand recognition. Facebook analytics provide great tools for marketers to strengthen their social media campaign. There are 4 Facebook Analytics that every marketer needs to know in order to run a successful campaign!


Reach is the number of users that have seen your Facebook post. Facebook reach will let you know if your content is interesting or not. Reach can be broken down into two categories: Organic and Paid. Organic reach shows you the number of users that have seen your post without advertising. This is an excellent tool to see how many fans/non fans have seen your updates. Paid reach is the number of users that have seen your post because of an ad. Paying to promote your posts has been a common trend for successful social media campaigns due to the lack of organic reach. Paid reach will allow more users to see your page if it is properly targeted to the right audience.

post reach


Engagement is the number of users who have clicked anywhere on your content, whether it is liking, sharing, or commenting on your post.  This analytic helps marketers know which posts are most interesting to the user. Knowing what type of posts get the most engagement will increase the page performance. Social media analysts’ can begin to make valuable assessments by looking at the number of engaged users/number of reached users.

facebook engagement

Talking About This

Talking About This analytics tells you the number of users that have fostered a story about your content. People can create stories in many ways. Some of the ways a story can be generated is liking a page, sharing a post, commenting on a post, mentioning the page in a post, checking in at the page, claiming an offer, etc.

Negative Feedback

Negative feedback is an action a fan takes to indicate that they don’t want to see your content. A negative action can be hiding posts, reporting as spam, or unliking a page. This is an excellent metric to understand the type of posts that your fan base does not want to see. Marketers can use this to their advantage to strengthen their pages content.

In conclusion, understanding Facebook analytics can help take social media marketing to the next level. Monitoring organic reach is a great way to see how many fans/non fans see your posts for free. Paid reach is very important for businesses to see how many users were targeted. Facebook changed their algorithm to determine what users will see on their news feed. Paid reach will help your business stand out and reach a targeted audience.  Engagement helps people know what types of posts are most interesting to a user. Talking about this is a great way to see who is engaged and interacting with your Facebook page. Negative feedback is a great metric that lets a business know how many fans are rejecting content. Social media analysts need to observe these 4 analytics everyday in order to help improve their campaigns’ success. Each of the four Facebook analytics plays a pivotal role in marketing.