Mistakes Brands Make on Social Media

This is part one of a series, authored by our Creative Director, Sha Kawash.

In today’s world, almost everyone lives on social media. For this reason, a successful social media campaign can truly take your brand to the next level. Stand out amongst your competitors by steering clear of these common mistakes that brands make on social media:

Not Interacting with Fans/Followers

Many of your followers sought your social media accounts because they admire your brand. For them, an interaction through social media will only strengthen the connection already established. For potential followers, seeing that your brand DOES interact with its fans generates trust, which in turn could result in them choosing your brand over others.

In today’s business world, social media also allows for customers to share their experiences with your brand, both positive and negative. Don’t let that scare you away. In fact, you’d be surprised at how often responding to a negative comment – rather than deleting it, hiding it, or even worse, ignoring it – can suddenly turn a negative experience into a positive one. One of the best social media practices your brand can adapt is preparing for the various types of comments you may receive, and having a protocol for responding to each accordingly.

Being on the “Defense” When it Comes to Certain Platforms

So, your brand is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but not Pinterest, Snapchat, Vine or Google+, among other platforms. Contrary to misbelief, ALL social networks are relevant and useful in their own way. Most brands wait to see how “successful” a social media platform will be. In reality, those brands are becoming irrelevant by not joining the force! The longer you’re on the defense when it comes to new platforms, the more opportunities you miss out on and the more saturated they become.

Irrelevant and/or Non-Shareable Content.

In order for followers to remain engaged with your accounts, your content should be just that – engaging. Aside from being relevant to your target markets, your content should have that “IT” factor that entices users to like, favorite, share, retweet, repin, +1, etc. What’s the “IT” factor you ask? Personalization.

Selling, Rather than Connecting

Think to your own personal life; don’t you hate when you’re being hit with a sales pitch EVERY time one of your favorite brands posts something on social media? Who wants to see that anymore? Sure you can increase sales through social media, and ultimately, that should be ONE of your goals, but the power of social media extends much further than that.

Wondering why your latest product post received a handful of likes and shares, while your ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video received several hundred? You guessed it – the personal and human aspect. Followers want to connect with your brand, not be pitched. Your content should be relatable, draw on emotion and give followers a reason to associate with your brand.

Inconsistent Branding

Creating a strong and consistent brand image is crucial for your brand awareness. Specifically, the following should match across ALL platforms:

  1. Brand name
  • A consistent “name” or handle will allow followers to find you across various platforms.
  1. Brand voice

brand voice

  1. Graphics



As you can see, an effective social media campaign requires proper planning and execution. Begin by avoiding the abovementioned mistakes and your brand’s social media campaign will be off to a great start! Feel free to share your tips and thoughts by commenting below, and stay tuned for part two!